Who’s Feeling Young Now? New Album by Punch Brothers



Bluegrass masters Punch Brother‘s new album Who’s Feeling Young Now will be available everywhere  on February 14. But fans need not fret because the album can be pre-ordered through the official website.  You can listen to the album’s opening track  ” Movement and Location” for free download through this link: http://www.punchbrothers.com/news/whos-feeling-young-now/. All you need to enter your email address. That song blew me away. Chris Thile’s playing is intensely electrifying that it makes you wonder if this guy is human. More news about the release here: http://www.punchbrothers.com/

Album Tracks:

1. Movement and Location
2. This Girl
3. No Concern of Yours
4. Who’s Feeling Young Now?
5. Clara
6. Flippen
7. Patchwork Girlfriend
8. Hundred Dollars
9. Soon Or Never
10. New York City
11. Kid A
12. Don’t Get Married Without Me


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