FIACH live @ Whelan’s – Friday 27th Jan

A Must See...

My friend Fiach Moriarty will let you hear the new songs he recorded for the second album ‘The Last Romance’, due for release in 2012. Last year he took a break from recording to perform in venues across the United States including the famous Interceltique Festival in Lorient France.  This is a must hear performance that will surely delight lovers of Irish music. Here’s a nice review from Whelans:

Time: 19:30 until 23:00

25 Wexford Street,, Dublin, Ireland

Song:  MountStreetBridge


Introducing Declan de Barra

Declan de Barra is an indie Irish singer of somber beauty. Check this song out.

…..and i know i’m far away,
but i know i’ll be back soon someday,
so hold on to all that you left,
don’t let the memories fade to the depths…
i wont leave you on your own
someday soon i’ll be on your shore…


Nice Fusion.

I found this artist and I got hooked. Her voice is really lush. If you combine Soul, RnB, Folk , Irish and a little bit of Bluegrass then you get Verlette Simon.


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