Kilrush, John Byrne and Ouch!

Ouch! This headache gets in the way. I am past the age of rock and roll.  But sometimes I have this fantasy of waking up and asking hey where’s my other shoe. There’s also a part of me who is a frustrated DJ.

There’s this local radio station I frequented  a lot. The manager was aware that I was into Celtic music. So apart from bands like The Calling, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol and Keane, they wanted to add something different. Most of the time, people hear Tori Amos, Nine Inch Nails and  Emo bands. Then they started hearing a bit of Loreena McKennitt, Clannad, Brigid Boden, and Altan. Soon friends started approaching me saying, were those your CDs? I’d start laughing. I love the idea of influencing people. It is fun.

My music calendar told me that  the band Kilrush will play  this Saturday, January 21. Let me give you a sample of how they sound like if ever you decide to go. It is fun to have a little craic after a long week of work work work work!

Kilrush at The Wellsboro House

When:     Saturday, 21 January 2012
Time:     21:00 until 00:00

Rocking Irish Hooley at the Wellsboro House…Sweet, Sweet Bar and and Awesome place to get dinner too!

Chris (owner of the Wellsboro House) Pours the most awesome pints around….drink and dinner specials….


John Byrne made a wonderful collaboration with Fiach Moriarty last Christmas and that got him to the radar. But this guy has made countless followers already. I love his ballads. And what’s an acoustic band without a wonderful cello or fiddle player?





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