Christmas Thoughts from Friends

Expect the unexpected. That’s my line for this month while my hands are full due to the season’s madness. There’s no snow from where I am but friends are sending me the chill right now-in a good way. Exchanging gifts are really fun.  I stumbled across this info about where exchanging gifts started:

We have many recorded events in history that show the giving and receiving of gifts dates back at least to the 4th century. St. Nicholas, a Christian Bishop, was known for his generosity in giving to those less fortunate than he, as well as giving to children of all backgrounds simply because he felt they needed to savor their childhood, and have joyous times to remember (contrary to the beliefs of that time, which would suggest that boys even as young as 8 be sent to work to help earn income for their families and girls as young as 5 to help their mothers with the housework and meal preparation). The most common gift given were homemade foods and sweets, oranges (this was a huge treat due to the fact they were very rare), handcrafted gifts such as socks, sweaters, dresses, nightgowns, blankets, tables, chairs, and other handmade useful items. This tradition began with St. Nicholas in Turkey. It moved throughout the world very quickly, and before the 10th century is is supposed that nearly every country was participating in this exchange.  More here.

So what did you get today as a gift?


Slim sent a link to his new video and I love it. It’s the familiar Slim attitude with a great sense of humor and amazing arrangement. You can’t deny that this video can really make you smile.

“Just a little something I knocked out – thanks to Mel Torme and Bob Wells for penning the most beautiful Christmas song ever, my Canon camera for the ‘color swap’ feature, and French flatmate Alex for the Santa hat). Hope you enjoy the bizarre face-pulling – not sure what happened there….. Merry Christmas everyone. x :o)”-Slim


Got a sweet note from Trish of Sahara:

Hi Jose,
Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with very best wishes and continued success for the Celtic Music Fan in 2012.
Peace and Love
Trish & Dave
Yay! Giving back to you the blessings threefold! I am looking forward to another year of wonderful music. Thanks Trish.
Taken from the Elysian Dreams album by Shishonnah. Produced by Shishonnah & Roland Labana. Shishonnah are Liz Madden & Jenne Lennon.
Fans of Shishonnah will have something to look forward to. Jenne and I talked over skype about her upcoming projects. This is what I got:

[12/23/2011 5:29:53 AM] Jenne Lennon: Hi there! And merry Christmas to you! Well, things are getting very exciting over at Glencoe/healing sun. Album sales are doing well and the response to the music has been overwhelmingly positive. We are blown away by the response. We are in the midst of the normal licensing and publishing negotiating stages of releasing an album and are working on our 2012 performance schedule which kicks off in Chicago in march. Summer dates will also be announced later, along with several other projects we are working on. So, right now we are preparing to celebrate the holidays. I’m off to Galicia in just a few days. January starts our rehearsals with the back up singers and players so, it looks to be a lovely finish to 2011 and great start of 2013 🙂 Sorry 2012….iPhones!


CLEGHORN – NYE Party – House of Blues Dallas



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