The Moon, The Stars And Our Folkways

A consistent soul believes in destiny, a capricious one in chance.
Benjamin Disraeli

A friend sent me a text message about a lunar eclipse today. I know it was a spectacular scene where she was but too cloudy here to notice. But there’s this strange phenomena …dogs howled for more than an hour. They stopped just now. It seems that dogs get easily affected by the activity of the moon. So are humans-some. It is past 2 in the morning and coffee is a great company.

My friend Jimmy sent me a link to this amazing new band. I feel so blessed with the generosity of friends around me. It’s like I don’t really have to work hard searching for new music out there because they just come to me in abundance. I feel so spoiled this week. Though I know I totally lose points in other areas I am glad I still got my lucky stars. Ah it is really the season of joy and giving. Let us all stop fighting and keep the peace…well at least until January hahahaha.

Click the pic to be routed to the official site.

Click the pic to be routed to the official site.

The trio of Clint Dye and brothers Connor and Corey Purcell had me rolling my eyeballs to their fab music. All fresh giving you an impression that these talents came out of the oven fully baked and ready to be devoured by Celtic aficionados. Well of course, music can be like a brand of perfume that should work on your body chemistry-the way music  should work on the time of the day and your mood when you play it. This group however give me an impression that they have a kind of music  you can have with you anytime. The three sound samples I heard from their website won me over: Kiss the Bride(this one had me smiling ), Winter Sky (makes the perfect mood for the season with its languid pace as the amazing whistle playing leads the way) and North Star(with its toe tapping bodhran that sets the mood for dancing). Give them a listen and tell me what you think.


Click on the pic to go to the website

Fans of Celtic Connections have probably heard of Tom Oaks as part of the Auvo Quartet playing the flute. He is also well-known for his ability with the nylon string guitar. His project with Ross Cooper earned them  a Scottish Traditional Music Award this year in the ‘Best Up and Coming Artist’ category.

The links to his music sites are found on the website. You just have to explore things that will probably spark your interest in his solo works and projects.


Click the pic to go to the site

Click the pic to go to the site

I often associate the name Smithsonian with Anthropology. But in this case it has its non profit record label. I was impressed by its huge catalog.  The World category is very fitting, however it also caters to other genres. I tried to see the Celtic and found a lot of things we usually don’t hear even in Celtic radios via the internet.

Well, I think you might start having ideas for your Christmas gift this week.

Yes yes click it!

Yes yes click it!

The Celtic catalog covers the music of the Celtic nations. My big thanks to Jeremy of Poitin because he indirectly introduced this to me.


The thing I learned in blogging about music is patience. You have to stop, listen, absorb and then decide which works. Without that ‘moment to ‘listen’ you will end up not really appreciating but judging. Perhaps this is what happens to music critics. They have a lot to listen to, deadlines to beat…that music becomes work instead of appreciation. And this can say a lot about your relationships to people. Do you stop to listen? Or do you judge right away?

Well, that’s what I have for now my dear visitors. This week is inspiring. Well, that’s because I have someone who inspires me in my writing and everything. All the more reason to wake up every morning and thank the heavens for another sunrise, another moment in time…this time  space that constantly changes without the center  to guide us…the gravity that is known as love and friendship.


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