The Power of Universal Music

This blog caters to all types of styles under the Celtic umbrella. Don’t be surprised if you see featured styles as diverse as electronica, dubstep, jazz, rock, metal, new age, pop and even reggae. As long as they have that ‘flavour’ then they are welcomed here.

Yesterday, a friend  Tim who plays the Uilleann pipes performed outside Lyon in what turned out to be a street music performance. I love to be one of these events because it’s intimate and at the same time the performers bring the music out of the stage into the crowd. I remember Fête de la Musique(which usually happens in June) and how amazing it was to have everything musical in one venue and everyone was involved as I said, very intimate.

Speaking of Uillean pipes here’s one side by side  with the Northumbrian pipes.

Jarleth Henderson, Uilleann pipes, and Andy May, Northumbrian pipes

LBPS Grand Concert, Lennoxlove House, June 2nd 2010


Another friend Jimmy sent this video today. I am amazed with the style of music and at the same time the step dancing. This is one inspiring video!

Info: This is How We Fly’ is a contemporary Folk band consisting of Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh on fiddle & hardanger fiddle, Seán Mac Erlaine on bass clarinet, saxophones & live electronics, Nic Gareiss on percussive dance, and Petter Berndalen on drums and percussion.


My friend Anita Daly always has something special in the mail! Her company got this press release for everyone. I have a Barleyjuice album and they have be rockin the whole year round. I am glad front man Kyf Brewer has something for fans to huddle to this Christmas. ‘Tis a season of peace and giving…now let’s get the ball rolling!

Hi Ladies and Gentleman, last week we sent you Emma Kate and George Murphy’s recording of the Pogues infamous tune, ‘Fairytale of New York’ we hope you like it as much as we do and that any of you with radio shows and websites will play it or stream it for the Holiday and that you writers review it!  It is now available on iTunes…

NOW we have the fabulous Barleyjuice’s front man, Kyf Brewer and his family’s rendition of the same tune, not for sale directly, just as a gift to you for Christmas to play and enjoy. It is available free to fans that purchase some Barleyjuice merchandise for Christmas. (See note from Kyf below!)

Happy Holidays to all!

From Kyf: Happy Kringle!

Barleyjuice’s Kyf Brewer and his wife Kay had been joking for years about what a kick it would be to record their own version of the classic Pogues tune, Fairytale of New York, and this year seemed to be the perfect time. It became a Brewer joint after daughter Scotlyn joined in on bass. The “beautiful” factor was covered nicely by the Juice’s Shelley Weiss on violins and violas, and Mary Bryson from the Divine Hand Ensemble on harp.
Kyf Brewer’s “Fairytale of New York” is not presently available anywhere until it appears on iTunes after the holidays. Fans can get a free mp3 of it this holiday season by going to  and buying some holiday Barley gear.

Fairytale of New York

(J. Finer/S. MacGowan)

Kyf Brewer – vocal, piano, whistle, accordion, drums

Kay Brewer – vocal

Scotlyn Brewer – bass

Shelley Weiss – violin, viola

Mary Bryson – harp

Cliff Hillis – mic placement, final mix

Recorded between Christmases 2010 & 2011


Yay! Moya Brennan is back to serenade us with her haunting voice and amazing tunes. I have almost all of her albums and my favorite is  still Tapestry where there’s this wonderful track called “Gone are the Days”.

An Irish Christmas never goes out of style and year after year I play it in loud speakers. Nothing beats the feeling of Irishness as she introduces her touch to traditional as well as contemporary tunes. I fell inlove with her version of “Gabriel’s Message” the first time I heard it. It’s beautiful that it hurts!

I admit, the reason why I don’t listen to much of the radio is because there’s nothing really Celtic there. I wish Celtic music would go mainstream and all the money should go to real musicians and not those we hear now. They should go out of business. Can’t stand them. Hahahaha now I am sounding like a musical elitist.

Here’s the press release from her facebook page:

    • When
      Tuesday, 20 December 2011
    • Time
      19:30 until 22:30
  • Where
    Monkstown Parish Church, Monkstown Village, Co Dublin, Ireland
  • Description
    Moya performs her annual fundraising Christmas concert with special guests of local young traditional musicians from Comhltas Ceoltoiri Eireann. All proceeds to the children’s music club and church restoration fund.
    Presented by Blathnaid Ní Chofaigh
    Tickets 15/10 euro
    Available from Hewetts Shop and the Post Office, Carrickbrennan Road, Monkstown, on the door
    and online at at

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