It’s Called Kernewek-In Cornish Celtic.

“Ha benegys re bo dhis ynwedh”-Craig.

Craig and I were having an interesting conversation which is part of the interview I am doing about him. He has written amazing novels about Cornwall’s myths among others. The course of the afternoon was dedicated to links and the music that best represents Cornwall. He mentioned Medwyn Goodall who is one of my favorite artists. He also said that yesterday, he drove around with his car windows opened. It’s mild there considering it’s winter.


We discussed about the links. I discovered Kesson earlier which I think is the best source of Cornish music for those who like traditional stuff. My ears can be picky but I got a couple of bands and musicians you might really want to check out. These are great stuff. bands like  An Strik, The Barveks and Anao Atao can really put you in Cornish mood.

Check out the goodies in the album section.


In between discussion of Mellotron which Craig is raving about(he has been playing his for four months) I listened to a couple of links and I am so excited to share them!

Phil Knight is an exciting name to come from the traditional music scene. He sings and composes in Cornish and his arrangements are varied and instrumentally refreshing. Here’s description for the samples in the video:

These sampler clips are from a new album (Nov 2011) called ‘Omdowl Morek’ or ‘Sea Wrestling’. All nine original and contemporary songs, written and performed by Phil Knight, and ably produced and arranged by Paul Knight-Malciak, are in Kernewek (The Cornish Language). Thanks to him and to Maga – the Cornish Language Partnership – I was able to find an opportunity to record an album of my best songs, a long-term dream. I am hopeful that there wil be among them above all the flavour of Cornwall and her language: There are songs with themes based on old legends and my personal faith, love of Cornwall’s land and sea, tales of love on account of young women even. Whatever your age and taste, may there be something to please everyone whether in the Celtic world or beyond. A bilingual book of lyrics accompanies the actual album which is available via Maga.


And check out this singing in Kernewek(Cornish)! This guy who hosts is speaking in Scottish Gaelic though…

Phil Innes and Josie Boucharde at the 2009 Nos Ur competition, singing the Kernewek language song Kernewek Ov Vy



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