Things Cornwall

Cornish traditional music played by Dalla at the additional “Nos Lowen” event hosted by Asturia … fine food and well-poured cider too – cheers, ūüėÄ

The dance – Mr Martin’s Reel (collected by Mr Hedley Martin in a place called Morval, near Looe) – is well known across Cornwall, and was danced at family parties, usually in a kitchen on the slate slabs. Young people would travel from farm to farm during the festive seasons, drink cider, socialise and perform such dances as this by way of entertainment. Often the dance was done in fairly heavy clogs with iron scoots, like horseshoes, on the bottom to increase the noise of step dancing.

“Nos Lowen” is Cornish for “Happy Night” … full of dancing, singing, eating and drinking … similar to a
Breton “Fest Noz”…¬†

So I am devoting this week and probably the next week  to Cornwall. Reasons? Nostalgia. I remember I covered something about Dalla a year or two ago and at that time everything was  OK in my life. I had not much worries. My constant happiness was keeping this blog up to date and also participating in my blogger community and writing posts.

Time has made¬†things¬†changed. I am glad I’m still here. I am glad I am hanging on and still keeping this page current. Now I love looking at the beautiful pictures of Cornwall. So relaxing.¬†Cornwall is known for its beaches and rugged coastline. What’s more exciting is that there is a thriving traditional scene there. ¬†Just listen to this sound clip by¬†Matthew¬†Clarke:

To demonstrate¬†further, Cornwall here’s a nice view of the Cornwall coast.

Right now I am still getting to know more about the culture of Cornwall and the people who play a big part on the propagation of it. I am currently working on an interview of Craig Weatherhill.


Just in time for the Thanksgiving, Shishonnah has just released their album Elysian Dreams. I would describe the work of the duo Jenne Lennon and Liz Madden as a cross between Dead Can Dance, Loreena Mckennitt and Clannad.


I also got a scoop that Moya Brennan did guest vocals for Secret Garden. This is ¬†an amazing project since I am ¬†a big fan of both Clannad, Secret Garden and Moya’s own solo career. The song is “The Dream” taken from “Winter Poem“. More here:¬†



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