Hungry For (Celtic) Tunes…

I’ve grown comfortable writing in tabloid style. A friend will sometimes tell me that I made a mistake in spelling and other words. And I am grateful when people are honest with me. The thing is, when I write I type furiously and I get to the point where editing becomes secondary. I am also excited to share and sometimes I just type away and publish without checking twice.

I do know that editing is very important and I need to be at par in terms of quality. I tend to agree however, I also know that traffic for artists count. And this is also important to me. Lately I am able to observe  a lot of things in different angles. The way I see how I write here and my other blogs. I want to create a cohesive image based on intimacy. I like to write the way I am talking to a friend I have known for a long time. There are times when I do get a bit preachy I think. Perhaps this is brought about by forced confidence. But I hope things will have an anchor now that I am set to write things that not only inform but also relate.

Music plays an important part of my life. A couple of days ago someone offered to buy this old laptop. I laughed because I remember the things this little guy gave me.  It has brought me not only music and friendship but it has also brought me people I hold close to my heart with so much love. This was where I met my love and this also where my heart got broken. You see I can’t part from it even if I will have  anew one. My life line  is written in bolder strokes with this little baby. The title of this article is inspired by someone who retweeted my link. Thanks Twitter  but most of all the lovely people around it.

Now for the music….

Irish Television Going Mobile

The great thing about Ireland is the continuous innovation in terms of Science and media. Today I got a link about Aer Tv and this is actually a tV geared not only for online browsing via computers but also works in mobile devices that support at least 1 mbps broadband download.

Check out Irish musicians to perform around 7:30 Irish time and enjoy the music in your mobile devices. With web TV Irish music can reach millions around the world. So I wish musicians will read this news and get into the bandwagon. It will be an exciring thing to see you on Aer TV one of these days. It’s for free and all you need to do is register to get the latest news.


Cornish Ballad from Kernowpods (Matthew Clarke)

Song description:

This is the full Skwardya version. Dave Miller has been around to record guitars.

This song is about Mary Kelynack who walked to London to meet Queen Victoria at the Great Exhibition.

There are times I go for slurring vocals. Cornish artists are just around the bend. All we need to do is look for them. This blog likes to represent the Celtic nations and whatever type of music people from this region make. Matthew Clarke has been one of the major voices in Cornish music and culture and the other half of Skwardya.

Here’s another Cornish stuff from the same band that I like.
More about the guys behind the songs here:

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

It says: A chance encounter and shared moment with one of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena.

Irish Music Forever posted this amazing link and I hope you enjoy!!!!


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