The Fleadh

I love the feeling of being preoccupied. It makes you dwell less on memories. It makes you more of a human being than a helpless victim of fate. When the mother of my boss passed away, she felt so terrible that all she could do was throw herself on her job. She worked and worked to deal with pain. She had over time and she was  doing a lot of things. She told me that if she even contemplate on it , would feel so bad that it would consume her. I remember giving her a tight hug because there’s nothing else to say. You can’t know the extent of pain a person feels until you’ve been through the same situation.

Music is a healer. I think time and music go hand in hand. Can’t say too much about mine but we are all travelers and we all deal with pain our own way. Next time, let us be kinder to others in our words and deeds. Because kindness begets kindness. …


Bodhrán Music Session in Cavan Rugby Football Club During Fleadh Cheoil na hÉirinn 2010. Recorded by

An exciting thing happens in Ireland and the rest annually. The Fleadh has been a subject of articles as well as media coverage, because it has been around since 1951. It is great to see artists play in a casual setting , sometimes on a small stage or just within a crowd .  I think this is where you get the “Celtic spirit”. I went to The Fleadh website and found this info:

About the Fleadh

At the Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann inaugural meeting in September 1951 it was decided to create a national festival named Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann (Festival of Music in Ireland).

County, provincial and worldwide Fleadhanna are very important events in the traditional Irish music calendar and annual Comhaltas events include Fleadh Nua, Fleadh na Breataine (an All-Britain Fleadh Cheoil), regional Fleadhanna in Britain, Japan and the USA.

The goal of the Fleadh Cheoil has been to establish standards in Irish traditional music through competition. The Fleadh has developed as a mainly competitive event, but also includes showcases of concerts, céilithe, parades, pageants, and street sessions.

The continued growth in the number and standard of Fleadhanna held have facilitated competitors to qualify from county, provincial and regional levels for the All-Ireland finals at Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann.

The Fleadhanna at each level provide a platform and a meeting place for over 10,000 musicians, who carry on the great tradition of playing and cherishing our music, songs, and dances.

And when the competitions are over, many impromptu sessions take place which sometimes last until the early hours.

Check out the website of The Fleadh for more info.


NicGaviskey Concert in Dublin!


14 November at 21:00 – 15 November at 00:00


The Harcourt Hotel, Dublin

Created by:

More info

As part of the Traditional Harcourt Sessions!Concert starts at 9pm
Tickets €10 in advance from Hotel – Bookings to 01 4783677. Admission on the night €12. Student/OAP Concessions with ID.NicGaviskey are:
Sean Gavin on Flute from Detroit
Sean McComiskey from Baltimore, Maryland on accordion
Caitlin Nic Gabhann from Co.Meath on Concertina and dancing
Bernadette NicGabhann from Co.Meath on fiddler and dancing

+plus some very special guests!

NicGaviskey are a band comprising Irish and American members. They play traditional tunes. They’ve been associated with festivals like the Cavan Feadh as well as other live sessions. After all the meeting of the members happened that way-impromptu playing which resulted to them deciding to really stick together. What i love about this group is the fact that they show us an example how music can bring us close together in friendship. There’s no other type of music that has this magic than Celtic music. There is this fervent devotion it inspires which almost borders on being possessive. I know this feeling. And I miss this too. Check out the group’s website:


2 thoughts on “The Fleadh

  1. You are so right! Music IS a healer. It can take you away from thought or anything else and just focus on the rhythms and musicians. When I’m really down I tend to pound through certain tunes over and over -and not necessarily by the same group or musician! It’s just that certain songs just really take me away.

    Wish I could have been in Dublin for this! (Love the video!) I really needed this today! 🙂 (It’s raining, snowing, and there’s even a bit of hail comin’ out of the sky here!


  2. Yay! Thanks for sharing the energy. I love it when people get together and jam. These are moments when music conquers all and there’s love, peace and harmony in everyone. Sometimes the problems and pains in the world are brought about by people forgetting the harmony that humanity should share. They are so caught up with their ambitions and tasks that they forgot all about the groove. I wish you all the health in this weekend Christi!


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