Quiet Desperation


How many of us have been driven out of our homes to seek  greener pastures. As they say, grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes the feeling of exile does not have to  be physical. It could be a mental state.

Have you ever experienced being in a crowd that you don’t like? It happens when we have to confront situations because we have no choice. As in the case of dealing with people you work with, your neighbors or even your family members.

I like how this song speaks to me now. The first time I heard this I noticed the sad but majestic voice of Christy Moore. Then I read the lyrics. And I said to my self ” man he was signing about my feelings!” I searched the net for the lyrics and chords. I found this one from martinardis.com.

C      D
My soul is in the mountain, My heart is in the land
F   G   C
I’m lost here in the city , There’s so much I don’t understand.
C    D     F       G      C
There’s quiet desperation coming over me, Coming over me.
G  F  C  G   F       C
I’ve got to leave I can’t stay another day, There’s an emptiness inside of me,
G  F C   G       G7
I can’t bear the loneliness out here, There’s another place I’ve got to be.
F    C
Another Place I’ve got to beI long for you, Dakota, The smell of sweet grass on the plainI see too much meanness , And I feel too much pain.And there’s quiet desperation coming over me, Coming over me.I’ve got to leave I can’t stay another day, There’s an emptiness inside of me

I can’t bear the loneliness out here, There’s another place I’ve got to be,

Another place I’ve got to be


Dark Patrick – King of the Fairies/Morrison’s Jig

Have you ever wondered how an Irish Jig sounds like when played in other ethnic instruments? Dark Patrick shows us that  Celtic music works best through fusion. I am getting addicted to this instrument from Ukraine. More info about this:

Ethnic Fusion Group Dark Patrick.
Eva from Ukraine performs Irish Traditional music on an Old World Bandura
This tune is available on Dark Patrick’s Album “Fainne Gael an Lae” and on sale at:
CdBaby http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darkpatrick
Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fainne-gael-an-lae/id319923729
Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Fainne-Gael-An-Lae/dp/B002CVG6IA/ref=sr_f3_1?ie=UTF8&am…
Napster http://free.napster.com/dark-patrick-music/album/fainne-gael-an-lae/13238762#…


The Burning Bench – Casadh AnTs’ug’ain

Have you heard of these guys already? As I mentioned earlier, I like fusion of different styles when it comes to world or folk music. Check this out The Burning Bench from Celtic Grooves! Loving ever beat of it.


TradConnect News.

If you are in the music industry, you can post news in the “Trad News” section of TradConnect. Been a member of TradConnect for months and I keep going back due to the new things as well as the wonderful vibes from trad musicians.



2 Replies to “Quiet Desperation”

  1. Bax,
    As always great new stuff! Christy Moore always hits me where I am when I’m down. He has a way to touch so deep! And that instrument is beautiful with these pieces. I’ve seen the instrument in pics of the area but never have heard it. They are all good soul soothers this evening.


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