Goodbyes and Music

One of  Unity our forum members passed away this week. Jared was one of those guys whose posts I liked reading a lot. No negative vibes and he cared about the music. It isn’t easy when someone whom you interacted at one point is gone. Sometimes it is not death that claims us but decision. When we have decided to end that contact with someone, with finality is also a painful experience.

When I started this blog it’s all about the love for the music. It is also a message in a  bottle for those who might want to connect. A year later the prayer has been answered. I met wonderful people. I started drifting away from my Unity friends because this and also my current job has taken so much of my time that Iwas spreading myself too thin.  But I remember how wonderful it was.

I think it was around 2001 when I became an active member of Unity. There I met Kerry, Treecat, Pher, Sil, Gavern and other members. We were all like family considering the fact that I can’t live without logging on everyday and sharing ideas. When I moved to Manila around 2003, that was the time when Unity became an anchor to me. Being in a strange and different place can prove to be a lonely experience. These guys became my mentors. When Enya’s single “Trains and Winter Rains” off her And Winter Came Album came out, we were all on the chatroom listening as Terry Wogan presented the track . It was a big party and that was late 2008.

As I said when I started devoting my time to this blog it took me away from them. Some of the members became friends in facebook.  Whenever  I hear Stevie Nicks I remember Jared because was also a huge fan of her music . Jared will surely be missed.


Poitín (celtic world music) + DSPIPoitín (Keltronika)

Where: Anděl music bar Plzeň

More info here:



Don’t forget that November 12 is Jamie Smith’s MABON – Autumn Tour!

According the the band’s announcement:

Eleven concert dates in the UK in November & December:

Plough Arts Centre, Gt Torrington, Devon – Sat 12 November;
The Forge (at the Anvil), Basingstoke – Tues 15 November;
Bridport Arts Centre, Dorset – Thurs 17 November;
The Grand, Clitheroe – Fri 18 November;
Centenary Centre, Peel, Isle of Man – Sat 19 November;
Stiwt Theatre, Rhos., Nr Wrexham – Fri 25 November;
The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxfordshire – Tues 29 November;
The Magpie’s Nest, Islington, London – Wed 30 November;
Quay Theatre, Sudbury, Suffolk – Thurs 1 December;
Powis Hall, Bangor – Fri 2 December;
Knighton Community Centre, Powys – Sat 3 December.

A tour to round up a fantastic year’s concerts and see 2011 out!
Please join us at one of these lovely venues for an intimate evening of original, Interceltic music.
See you there! (:


Sahara’s track ‘A Love So Powerful’ from ‘There is this place I go’ on Chris Duval Presents 8th Nov starts- 8 pm UK time.

Check this site:


To all those with an interest in irish history and geneaology, have a look at our website:

Here’s what it says: Have you ever wondered about your Irish family history? Are you interested in Irish origins and Irish geneaology and how far back our story goes?

This landmark two hour documentary asks some fundamental questions about who the Irish are and where we came from to settle on our small green island.

The film travels throughout Ireland and south into Europe and beyond on its quest to trace the earliest peoples to make the journey to Ireland. Were these first pioneers from England or France or as some studies now suggest – northern Spain? On a spectacular journey through the green landscapes of Ireland, the series presenter uses the latest research to try and find the very origins of the early Irish and whose blood flows in our veins.

Please support folk radio UK. Here’s the recent announcement:

We have been running at a loss for the last two months and cannot continue our broadcast without your support. If what we do brings you some enjoyment then please consider a regular donation. It’s the only way we can continue our broadcast.


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