Interesting Players and Unique Instruments

V68 harp
V68 harp

Still…reeling from being drained. The weekend moved on. The only thing to confess about having a social life was Saturday night’s dinner party where I got so tipsy I was telling people stories about my life reserved for the very few. But it’s been ages since I’ve blundered. Yet the term only applies when a mistake is serious right? But thinking about it couldn’t be that serious. I realize I will face these people later. Still I am glad I was out. Sort of dulls the intensity of thoughts and feelings.

Now moving on to our music news…

Guitar Bliss.

What a nice thing to find four-minute of guitar bliss from this music video. Believe me my attention was captivated. I can just close my eyes and hum along the tune. So beautiful. You need to bookmark this guy and follow his career. Luca is the name…



Amazing fiddle!

Fans of Comhaltas live surely know this amazing chap. His amazing guitar playing has been wowing audiences around the Celtic world when he won the All-Ireland in senior fiddle as well as other instruments like the concertina.


Another take on a U2 classic.

With or Without You is one of U2s biggest hits in the late 80s. Everybody knows this song. Even if you aren’t a rock fanatic I am sure you’ve heard of Bono and the gang. Now this song has been given a Celtic twist and I think it is amazing. The strength of the song lies with the fact that whatever suit you put it in, it would still sound good. This is the proof guys. I am liking Celtic Crossroads more and more due to this.


Japanese percussionist wows Celtic fans.

It is amazing to see another Asian make an impressive performance. Bodhran virtuoso Takeaki Nagahama gives it all. What I like about improvised sessions is that everyone can do what they want on stage. And everyone is involved: the musicians, audience and dancers. This guy is amazing. I will keep an eye on him.


Calming Instrument.

For those seeking solitude and healing, here’s one great tune. Here’s the info: ‘Gearr Aonach’, this piece is the first movement of a three-movement work for flute and piano, written by Scottish-American composer Jennifer Margaret Barker. The flautist is Laurie Baefsky. The footage was filmed in Scotland by British cameraman John Anthony Palmer. The music was recorded by Grammy-winning recording engineer, Andreas Meyer. The music and the footage is copyrighted by the composer and all rights are reserved . My thoughts: I love the look of the video. As for the music, when Classical meets tradition, it’s always a good fusion. I love the sound of the flute because it is such a calming instrument. What about you? What’s your favorite calming instrument?


Classical Celtic music…

I just love the simplicity of two instruments. Here is a Classical presentation featuring an Irish tune.


Twinkling harp Tune.. 

The Celtic Harp or Clarsach is a Scottish harp of small size. It’s a beautiful instrument. The sound is superb which is likened twinkling little stars in the night sky. Here it is played by an artist by the name of Josephine.


They Call it the V68 Harp

Wow take a look at this harp. I love discovering not just new music but also odd instruments. I think music nowadays does not only sound good but also look good. Enjoy! More info about this piece:

Acacia Lyra performing Chanter Meets the Fairy King on the V68 Harp.

Acacia Lyra – Susan Sweeney Herman & Janine Dudding, “Chanter Meets the Fairy King”…Trad Arr by Acacia Lyra;

V68 – built by Don Peddle,;

Video produced and directed by Lois Siegel,


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