November Updates


Hi guys. I feel so washed up this week. But I am here because this is the only thing that keeps me going. When everything fails, music is your only friend until the end(to quote from Jim Morrison). I want to thank Gavern for sending me a message through twitter “Remember, live in the moment and if the moment is too painful, live in the music”. Thanks Gavern for the helping hand. Up until now I feel like I am still stumbling through life half aware of what to do and sometimes don’t know what to do. Once in a while a helping hand comes along and I really appreciate it. I live for sweetness. Don’t know what I’d do without it. So this article is a tribute to positivity …

Honorable mention goes to of course my friend Gavern. His project Celtic Adrenalin is on the making. His website has been updated too. Check out….


It wouldn’t be surprising that UK musician Mary-Jess is having a crossover appeal form both Asian and European listeners. Her music isn’t really Celtic but Celtic music listeners will love it! The new album Shine is available now. She also recorded a soundtrack for the series Downton Abbey. Here’s the update from her recent appearance in Follow her on twitter:!/maryjessmusic…..


I mentioned I received the new album by The Gothard Sisters right? I am really enjoying it. For those who don’t know what Story Girl sounds like, think of Fantasy soundtrack meets Celtic Woman. The album is a combination of lively tracks and relaxing ones. Here’s a nice EPK :  ….


Blast from the past: I accidentally stumbled upon this great track by Stockton’s Wing from 1987. I am a fan of banjo music. Love it!!!!

More info about the track: “Slipslide” performed by Stocktons wing 1987. Paul Roche – Flute/Whistle, Maurice Lennon – Fiddle, Kieran Hanrahan – Banjo, Mike Hanrahan – Guitar Vocals, Peter Keenan – Keyboards, Robbie Casserly – Drums, John Walsh – Bass. …..


Our recent guest Robert Doyle has received a wonderful review from Folk Radio UK. Check out the link here: I am also glad to have an interview with him and this appears in his news link: ….



2 Replies to “November Updates”

  1. I love Stockton’s Wing! I really never heard them before and the way each plays is phenomenal! (And the mix of all makes fab music, too!) And as for the Story Girl CD I love it! The Sisters have such a way that harmonizes voice and music so well.

    Music IS the soothing balm that relaxes the mind and gives peace to the soul. I agree with Gavern, living in the music can often get you through the hard times – the Irish and the Celts understand that very well!


  2. Youtube has made everything accessible today. Artists can now reach out to many listeners without having to tour. The thing about Celtic music is that it doesn’t sound dated no matter what decade it has been produced. So lucky to be part of this growing network of musicians and listeners.


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