Fiona J Mackenzie’s US Tour, The Celtic Tenors and Story Girl!

It is lovely to hear news from Fiona J Mackenzie every now and then.  I still enjoy her last release “A Good Suit of Clothes”  and I think it is a must for those who love the beauty of Scottish Gaelic singing.  She will be in the US soon! Catch her live as she conducts Gaelic workshops and concerts next month-  concert in Atlanta, Tues 8 Nov- Java Monkey @8pm. Then in Albuquerque as follows- workshop, Sat 12 Apple Mountain Music @2pm. Concerts- Mon 14th – Main library and Cherry Hills Library- see for more updates. For those who are interested to get a copy of her albums, check this link:


I received the Feels Like Home  CD  by The Celtic Tenors in the mail yesterday. Special thanks to my friend Anita Daly of Daly Communications for making Celtic music accessible to everybody. From the first track “Going Home , written by Mary Fahl up to the last track  “Westering Home”, The Celtic Tenors know how to captivate listeners with their amazing individual styles and vocal harmonies. Superb arrangements and awesome packaging. Love it to bits! I will make a comprehensive review soon and a possible interview with them.

Celtic Tenors Official Site:


I received an early copy of Story Girl, the new album by The Gothard Sisters. The trio have what ti takes to really grow and conquer more ears in the industry because of their overwhelming talent. Thy can play, compose and dance. They are also photogenic. Story Girl is a perfect album for the season because it rings of winter. Their classical discipline also helps in making the album having that crossover appeal . Together with the CD is  this amazing note from Willow:

Hi Jose!

I hope you enjoy

our new music!

Here’s an early

copy of

“Story Girl”

for you

❤ Willow

Well, what can I say Willow? I love the album. It’s like chocolate  for a lonely day. It’s bright, cheerful and has that crystal sparkle. looking forward to get a story out of you and the rest 🙂


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