The Scottish Scene and the rest of the UK

Friends are in Scotland today. Weekend is here and it’s time to keep the ball rolling.  Julie Fowlis is embarking on her US tour from October 26 to November 11. Music of the Scottish Isle will begin on Hillsdale Michigan and that falls on a Wednesday. I haven’t confirmed with My friend Christi if she will be there. But I am sure all lovers of Scottish music will not surely miss this one out.  More of this news here:


Welsh band Jamie Smiths MABON  are about to sep up their UK tour next month. I have confirmed this news with their Manager / Sound Engineer John Eelles whom I am going to contact for a possible interview with lead man Jamie Smith.  Listen to the new tracks posted here:


Jamie Lawson – @ The Thatch Rahan Tullamore   Today at 23:30 – Tomorrow at 02:30 .Don’t miss this event. The album ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ is now out! Here’s the press release:

The title track ‘Wasn’t Expecting That’ jumped to #1 on iTunes after a rush release in Ireland following radio airplay on Today FM. The YouTube hits accelerated to 85,000 views and are now over 194,000 views. And Jamie has since performed on RTE The Late Late Show as well as appearing on TV’s Ireland AM (and that’s just the beginning).

Born and raised in Plymouth in what was he says a resolutely non-musical household, Jamie asked for and received a guitar when he was 8-years-old. Experimenting with covers band while at school, it was only when Jamie was 17 that he started to discover his own voice – and that voice proved to be something very special indeed. No-one who has heard him sing live would disagree (and in addition to his own regular schedule of gigging, he has played with artists including The Frames, Martha Wainwright and Damien Rice, as well as having been chosen as opening act for outdoor gigs by both Van Morrison and Katie Melua). Even-keeled, even undemonstrative offstage, he comes alive in front of an audience and in the service of his songs. “American Music Club’s Mark Eitzel has been a big influence, in the sense that he sings with his whole body and puts so much into his performance. The difference is that my voice is sweeter and more pure.”

Currently residing on the north coast of Cornwall, Jamie spends most of the year living in a caravan overlooking the sea. “I like the freedom it provides. There aren’t as many of the distractions of modern life, so I have the space to write songs. I’m not Bon Iver, though!”

Before settling in Cornwall, Jamie spent two years working and playing in the clubs of Ireland, fully immersing himself in the music scene and performing alongside the likes of Mundy, The Four of Us, Glen Hansard of The Swell Season, Tom Baxter and Gemma Hayes.


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