Bands Spotlight: Manran and Skerryvore

I heard Manran’s single “Latha Math” a few weeks ago and I have to admit it it has become addicting that my day isn’t complete without hearing it. Catchy vocals with driving beat and fresh arrangement you’d think that this has been carefully engineered. But it’s all about 6 friends reuniting together to create the most beautiful and exciting Scottish music around since Capercaillie.

The members of Mànran are

Norrie MacIver (guitar/vocals),

Gary Innes (accordion),

Ewen Henderson(fiddle/pipes),

Calum Stewart (flutes/uilleann pipes),

Ross Saunders (bass)

and Scott Mackay (drums).


A friend sent me a youtube link to Skerryvore’s Hold Me Tonight taken from the album of the same title.  The heartfelt lyrics and beautiful arrangement combine a mood that’s comforting, poignant and reflective. But aside from this wonderful ballad, they play an exciting blend of traditional Scottish music and Rock.  Everything about this group is pristine, beautiful and blazing like the golden sunset! Beautiful music to take with you, a soundtrack to your journey. This song is dedicated to my  piper friend Tim who stumbled upon the band and  introduced the music to us.


Daniel Gillespie: Accordion
Martin Gillespie: Highland Bagpipes. Scottish Small Pipes, Accordion
Alec Dalglish: Guitar, Vocals
Craig Espie: Fiddle
Fraser West: Percussion
Barry Caulfield: Bass

Additional Members:

Chris Pugh: Trombone, Piano
Douglas West: Trumpet, Guitar
Konrad Wiszniewski: Saxophone
Duncan J Nicholson: Bagpipes & Whistles



2 Replies to “Bands Spotlight: Manran and Skerryvore”

  1. Neil, 5 shows to go, UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I guess the old saying is true, time flies when your hainvg fun . I wanted to take a minute to thank you for being such a great guy. You are very talented musician and each and every one of Celtic Thunder fans adore you. I have been following CT since the beginning and I can honestly say you guys keep getting better and better. AMERICA LOVES YOU GUYS and LOVES YOU!!!!!!!! Thank you for taking the time to stop, take pictures and sign autographs in Atlanta. It was a pleasure!!!!! Thank you for accepting the challenges of all that you mentioned above, you did them beautifully. Neil, I believe that you are one of those people that were born to perform. We can all tell that music is in your blood and that you love doing what you do . It shows. Good luck with your Irish tour!!! Wish I had the time to jump on a plane and visit. Hope you enjoy your cup(s) of tea in your own home. Neil, hope you truly enjoy getting re-acquainted with your family and friends. Merry Christmas to you and yours.Please tell your parents that they did a wonderful job raising you and that America has fallen for Neil Byrne!!!! God bless you and your family. Have a happy, healthy and wealthy 2011!!! Shine on! Rhonda


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