October 5:Music that Uplifts

Donal McCague (fiddle): Sep 20, 2011 Unitarian Church, Dublin( with Dave Sheridan (flute) and Michael McCague (bouzouki)
Donal McCague (fiddle): Sep 20, 2011 Unitarian Church, Dublin( with Dave Sheridan (flute) and Michael McCague (bouzouki)

A friend told me that the mother of the dog that he has passed away. On top of that I have this frustration that I find hard to describe except this: the feeling you get being nominated several times but  not bagging even just one award. So what to do? Nothing. But the feeling of being confined eats you. In times like this only music is the way out.  Let me give you a list of performers that merit a listen in situations like these artists:

Eden’s Bridge: Grow- Taken from the upcoming  The Longest Day EP. The freshness of this track will carry you into caress of waves and prairie leaves. Transporting, uplifting, let it carry you to the silver lining of your personal clouds:


Visit : http://www.edensbridge.net/


Listen to Donal McCague’s Bit’s and Pieces

Explosive shimmering interpretation of traditional pieces from this young Irish fiddle player. The golden album cover speaks of the tracks-utterly timeless, radiant and mesmerizing.  Here’s the preview:

Visit: http://bitsnpieces2011.com/


Nuala Kennedy creates a mood that kicks off the blues. This Scottish singer/flutist has made a following of her own with her style. Check this info from reverbnation :

Based in her adopted homeland of Scotland, Irish singer and flautist Nuala Kennedy performs a range of material from across the Irish and Scottish traditional music repertoires.

She also composes her own idiosyncratic brand of traditional music and tours in a variety of lineups from duo and quartet to a nine-piece festival band.

She has a new album (Tune In) released on Compass Records in March 2010. It was described as ‘A Picaresque Adventure and A Delight’ **** by THE IRISH TIMES



Feel free to share your own tunes and we will discuss it .


One Reply to “October 5:Music that Uplifts”

  1. Eden’s Bridge has been a go to CD for me from their first one hit these shores many years ago. They hit a note of peace and comfort through a hard time in my life and I still find their music enthralling. (I’m so glad to see them out with a new CD!) Their music today has changed, but it still has such a soft reality that digs deep for me.

    Donal I cannot describe – other than being both toe tapping and gently soft at the same time which you don’t usually see in a fiddler! Love the addition of harp in one of his pieces!

    Nuala is really something! Love her piece where it travels from the train to her pounding sound on the flute. She successfully gets the flute to fly over the melodies with such a light touch and still come out so strong!!


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