October Rising

Hi CMFs!  The month of October is going to be exciting because there will be more music . As the cold season sets in and there are less sunlight , there are people who get moody. Wanna hang out with me? Wanna have a walk on the foggy side? Just listen to my lists of bands and you will know what is it to be in this mind.

To be honest, it’s been more than two years when I set this site up, but whenever I face the screen and start to touch the keyboard, I still don’t feel that confident. I have done interview with musicians-which is easy because I know the formula. But doing something in between. Like covering music or writing a feature is something else.  I don’t want this site to be too ‘academic’ not too informal. I also don’t want this to be just a blog where I confess my sins. I want this to be a lot of things. But I really don’t know what to expect after typing away and sending my message in a  bottle.

I have been moody all day which explains why I have been away from facebook. If I am there all I’d do is post sad songs and that is not helping either. It’s just something in me that I can’t explain when the season is in transition.  There is a risk involved though. I don’t know how many friends are going to be put off by this. It’s the dark months-ah wonderful mysterious time of the year.

My friend Fiach Moriarty is releasing an album and he needs your help. Please go ahead and listen to his songs by visiting his website and his facebook page. I made an interview with him which i enjoyed so much. Fiach is truly a hard working irish musician and he deserves the love:



Fiach Moriarty-Be a part of my second record

In Studio

Created by:

More info
About a year ago I signed up for www.slicethepie.com, a site where you upload your tracks and allow other members to rate them. If, after a certain period of time, your songs are rated above 75% you qualify for a showcase. I was lucky enough to qualify and got to choose an amount to raise from other members to record my second record. I opted for €3000 which translates as $4000 according to the people who run the website. You can pledge as little as $5 or go up to $500. In exchange for this there are a list of treats such as free gig tickets, signed copies of album, your name on the album sleeve, free download of all tracks on slicethepie.com and more. If the target is not hit, everyone that supported will get a full refund. Check it out here:




Caladh Nua at ChristChurch Waterford

One of those traditional Irish bands I love to follow. Be part of their performance:

01 October · 20:00 – 23:00


Created by:

More info
See http://www.caladhnua.com/christchurch.pdf for booking information


Moya Brennan, Cormac De Barra LIVE VOICES & HARPS, Liffey Bank Sessions

Ah yes the First lady of Celtic music is promoting her latest album and please please do check it out because it’s worth your money and time. Now is the time to promote Celtic music because I noticed the decrease of sales due to the popularity of mainstream music. So get off your coaches lazy bears and go out there on the street and do your souls a favor by supporting and promoting these artists I mention here.  Yes Moya and Cormac will uplift your spirits.

Time:11 October · 20:00 – 23:00
Location:The Grand Social
Created by:Moya Brennan
More info
Moya and harpist, Cormac, continue their series of extraordinary performances.


4 thoughts on “October Rising

  1. Like the bluesy sound of your friend, Fiach Moriarty (A Sherlockian last name – easy to remember!) Like Caladh Nua too, but I am really excited about Moya Brennan’s new CD!! Cannot wait to hear it!!


  2. Hi Baxter, I know the post-equinoxial moodiness very well too- I sympathise with you. Even though I must say we’re enjoying a gorgeous Indian Summer here in the Czech Republic, the turn-of-the year has a profound effect on us arty types, eh? 🙂


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