The Celtic Peace

Last week I passed around the pen to my musician friends  and their two cents on the word Peace. They came up with interesting answers.

It comes from within-Ewen Henderson



I think peace is achieved when the mind is no longer striving/searching/comparing, or measuring itself against all we see and experience. Then there is awareness, which does’nt condemn/justify/censor or distort truth, which is our connectedness to the whole world.” Hope that will do! –Karl Nesbitt


Peace for me is knowing that all my family are well and healthy. Music can bring peace of mind to me even on the hardest and darkest days. When Im down I play or compose music to relax and have peace of mind.-  Enda Seery


Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation :o) – Andrew Slim Black




In my view, the absence of peace in the world stems from two things: (1) the failure of people to recognize the divine nature that is in every human, and (2) the desire to acquire those things that have only temporary value (such as wealth, land, commodities, possessions, etc.). I believe that if each of us understood that even the lowliest person is a miraculous and magnificent creation (which, if you consider the complexity and majesty of life, is apparent) that is deserving of kindness, respect and love, most enmity between humans would end. Furthermore, if people looked inward to find joy instead of in seeking after non-essential, material things, there would not be war over land, resources, and wealth. I find that happiness is to be found inside ourselves first and foremost. If we are at peace with ourselves, and understand the great fortune that we have to exist in this world, we appreciate others and do not seek for things that are transient. –  Justin Elswick (Sleepthief)



I believe that to achieve peace one needs to start with their individual self. Do what makes you happy, and that will reflect onto others. If we are not happy in our own lives and how we live our lives, then that reflects negatively onto others. If we as a collective can positively influence each other, then we will see a slow movement towards collective peace and happiness-Jacob McCauley


 Peace for me is a basic understanding of respect for one’s fellow human being. Without peace chaos and disorder reigns and basic human rights are violated. No civilised person should yearn for anything other than peace.  –Fiach Moriarty


Peace is when you don’t have to try to impress people when you can relax with who you are, and who you strive to be, i’ts a bit like love,when you’re guarded with someone you can’t love that person. I’ts only when you relax that you see the true beauty of the person/place etc.That is peace to me.The further you  get from our from civilisation the stronger the voice of what I think is good becomes- kt tunstall….:}-Rachael Mccormack


Peace is a state of mind. Knowing how to recognise it means that I can retreat into it anytime and anywhere. Its not always easy though!-Michael Robert Orme



I guess the basis for peace is , get rid of that ‘eye for an eye’ crapola for a start… well, retaliation, revenge and all that means escalation…
Jesus, Ghandi all those dudes had the right idea.the Old Testament and the Koran have a lot in common and it’s mostly bad. Love and all that jazz came in with Jesus. I mean I’.m NOT a Christian, but I think Jesus or what Jesus was in to is great. He was the first hippy. and he could turn water into wine, which is a damn fine trick.
It’s the key to peace as far as I’m concerned.-Jeremy Poitin


When you have a young family, finding peace is a rare and difficult thing. Peace more often than not is when you have the house to yourself and your ears can have a break to hear some silence. However digging a little deeper peace for me is the acceptance that all the things that surround me are a gift that should be enjoyed today with no worries about yesterday or tomorrow. That provides me with the ability to obtain a certain level of peace and happiness and lets me enjoy the moment.-Tony Lawless


My Peace is Your Peace, and Your Peace is Our Peace.

Kindness is the magic seed!!!

Opinions and choices should be tolerated and respected.  Try to be Kind and not to judge frivolously, for you can never truly walk another man’s mile.

Finding Peace relies upon our own ability and motivation to eliminate individual self-righteous concerns and petty differences.  Our humanity has vastly more characteristics in common than differences!

Try to remember to do something Kind each day, outside of your usual realm – try to make it something that won’t have any direct relation to you, to your own friends or family, or to your personal dogma, interests and agendas.  If your life is hectic, just try to do something Kind once a week or whenever you can. If necessary, ask someone how you can help or give.

With each selfless act of Kindness, a tiny magical seed is sown… the tender sprouts grow and blossom into the magical flowers that spread seeds for new acts of Kindness.  Just try it for a few months – you may be surprised at the magical flowers of Kindness you can grow in your own little garden!!!

The magical Kindness begets Kindness, Kindness begets Love, and Love begets more Love!!! Love begets Peace!!! Magic!!!

Just think of the Peace our world would have if everyone performed just one simple selfless Kind act each day… there are a lot of magical seeds of Kindness that need to be sown!!!

“Perform just one simple selfless act of kindness whenever you are able to do so.”

~Connie Rae Crone


After reading of this question a few times, I realized that it is extremely personal. Not trying to cop out of an answer, but it is each person’s responsibility to find their own peace, and if I tell you how I find my peace, it most likely will not work for someone else. That being said, I don’t really know how I find my peace, but my life feels rather peaceful so whatever I’m doing seems to be working out.-Noam Bierstone


As a native or Ireland we have seen more than our share of violence and bloodshed in the North of our country and it has been so gratifying to see the parties get together to work for peace. It needs us all to support it and to recognise and respect each others’ differences and try to find what we have in common.-Martin Bridgeman

More artists coming up!


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