More Celtic Music Updates!

I have always loved Scottish music – all sorts of Celtic, Gaelic music.

Carter Burwell( American composer of film scores)

Clockwise: Colin Grant, Fribbo, Ryan McGiver's Troubled in Mind, Fonn Aniar / Tune from the West

Clockwise: Colin Grant, Fribbo, Ryan McGiver's Troubled in Mind, Fonn Aniar / Tune from the West

Laoise Kelly is  in my previous article regarding her captivating harp playing. Now fans will be googly -eyed to know that our energetic harp player is back on stage with Breanndán Ó Beaghlaoich, vocals, button accordion and Tommy Peoples on  fiddle. Fonn Aniar / Tune from the West is going to captivate lovers of Celtic music as the trio of trad music are going to put a spin on traditional tunes with their grace and style . Tour dates here:


Fribo is that point between Scandinavian and Celtic music. Fribo (Open House) is a unique collaboration between Norwegian singer Anne Sofie Linge Valdal, Scottish fiddler Hannah Read, Liverpool born Ewan MacPherson on guitar and tall Swedish percussionist Magnus Lundmark. I have heard the preview of the album and I can say it’s a very interesting work. You should check it out and decide for yourself.

Visit the official site:


Get connected in Canada!  aims to connect musicians and audience within the Ottawa region.  It is mainly focused on traditional Irish music. Fans and musicians can now share their opinions about CDs , DVDs and MP3 downloads by getting connected to this site. The main highlight of this site is the calendar which features current players and the venues of these sessions. There are also postings of concerts and workshops that will point you tot he right direction. I think you need to check this site out and be part of your musical community.


Beoga in New Zealand

I love this band! I covered them before and I think they deserve more with their brand of music. New Zealand welcomes them in this wonderful video.


Fiddle Workshop with Colin Grant:

Fiddle Workshop
Thursday August 25, 2011
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Instructor: Colin Grant
Price: $30.00 + HST

Who wants to go? Please raise your hands! I am sure you all do. Colin has been a shining star recently as he captivates the audience world-wide with his fiddle playing. He has this style which can only be described as pristine and lively.  He is the pride of Cape Breton and I am sure it would be a pleasure having him as an instructor.


Check out Ryan McGiver’s Troubled in Mind. It is a great album with beautiful tracks which are “imaginative musical interpretations of old Appalachian ballads”.

 The album includes guest appearances by an all-star cast of musicians including Jolie Holland, Doug Wieselman (Martha Wainwright, Antony and the Johnsons), Susan McKeown, Cillian Vallely (Lunasa), Stephanie Coleman (Uncle Earl), Jason Sypher, Cleek Schrey, Eamon O’ Leary, Cassandra Jenkins, Nick Reeb (King Wilkie), Jefferson Hamer, Pádraig Rynne, Patrick Mangan, Clara Kennedy, Matty Mancuso, Will Orzo and Howard Arn. Two beautiful horn and string arrangements were composed by Dana Lyn as well.

More info here:


The first time I saw their interesting video, I was like ; oh no! Full Monty does trad? But they were just joking around promoting their album Wrapped Up. These are serious musicians playing great tunes. Yes they look like wrapped gifts for Christmas. Only you’d get a lot of traditional music along with that.  Check out their website for more updates on tours and latest news.


4 thoughts on “More Celtic Music Updates!

  1. After reading your article, I gave Laoise Kelly a listen on youtube. Wow, you’re not kidding. She’s really on top of her craft. Thanks for the recommendation- I bookmarked her.


    • Wow it has been a while. Nice to see your comment here my friend. Yes he is amazing. She gives the new attitude to the harp as an instrument that is not only ‘relaxing’ but something that is also dynamic and capable of complex expressions.


  2. Laoise is a fabulous harper, but so is Beoga, Colin Grant and the Rapparees! I’m amazed with the video of all these great musicians here and on many trad music sites. We really live in a time of great Celtic music! (I LOVE the crazy video of the Rapparees!)


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