vPipes, ePipes and New Music

But we’re never gonna survive, unless…
We get a little crazy -Seal

Embracing Life Without Hesitation

A friend who is studying the Uilleann Pipes sent me a recording of his very first session. I pondered on it for a few moments before hitting the ‘play’ button, after it was successfully downloaded. Of all the things we traded together, I think it was the most important gift I ever received. It was his first recorded musical performance. I feel like a doting older brother.

For a starter he impressed me. He was still doing the 70 bpm with little slips-very little. He sprinted the perilous notes without hesitation. The confidence made me smile. I have been interviewing seasoned musicians from all around. But to get something from someone who was just starting is like watching a child open his eyes for the first time. You want to know what happens next. You treat it like a precious plant that needs watering and sunlight. It was the idea of getting “there” that’s exciting.

That’s why I love what I do. I love being close to musicians and knowing what they do or how they think. People ask me if I have a band and if I play music too. I explain that I am a music blogger and would remain so. I am not a musician but I understand music. It is nice to have a view from here. To see the people you admire- the musicians – doing creative things with sound and instruments.


Luke and Sarah

The Bombadils are a band that is on top of my list to watch out for this year. My friend from the band  Luke Fraser plays the guitar in this track. Sarah Frank plays the violin.

Update: Just chatted with Luke and he told me he is heading to Nashville for a couple of shows. It should be awesome! CMF is rooting for you  and the rest of your band buddy.




Skully’s Agenda

What I like about electronic music is its ability to create different palettes on a single sound. Synthesizers have a way adding flourishes on a single note that is not possible with acoustic instruments. I love atmospheric music and the artist Skully does it good with Irish Makeover. Here, you get to listen to traditional tracks with ambient treatment.Futuristic and ancient at the same time. Dreamy soundscapes, gentle electronic effects and loops are meant to enhance the sound without sacrificing the structure of the songs. Skully is really making music that is irresistible, enigmatic and worth your time after a hard day’s work.



Ever heard of vPipes and ePipes?

I think this is good as a practice material. I wonder what hardcore pipers think about this.




4 thoughts on “vPipes, ePipes and New Music

  1. NP! Wow my good ol’ friends are coming back! I have been marooned and have been lost touch for quite sometime but I have been reading your gems of wisdom in and out. Yes, when you have music in your soul it never disappears 🙂


  2. Bax,
    I loved your thoughts on how music can be so much more than something you play. It can be something you live from those first notes, to those that the seasoned musician creates. Well said!!!

    The videos showed so much and I loved Luke and Sarah’s as well as the modern way to share the music.


  3. Thanks Christi. Yes we live through their music. It is encouraging to learn how such talent can make people around happy. I think this world would a better place if everyone thinks the way a musician does-just to play and share…and be happy.


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