Pipers and Rockers:Ease the Pain with Music

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.
~ Mother Teresa

Healing yourself is connected with healing others.
— Yoko Ono

I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.
— Billy Joel

I admit that if I feel sad or bad I listen to lively music. Somehow it eases the pain and make focus more on what I should do. When I need a quiet time alone then then that the time for Enya , Clannad or Loreena Mckennitt.

I was riding to work this evening while listening to Hayley Griffiths new album Celtic Rose. Somehow it eased the melancholy I experienced in the afternoon. It is hard when one remembers something that triggers these bouts of depression. I am missing somebody. I am missing the little things. But what is really hard is no longer doing the things you used to do when you were with that someone.

But there are moments that get better. I experience this when I hear a beautiful music. I thank life for that. After all, music is the only gift we can give one another that is not really material. I found this wonderful poem and I think this is what happens every time we meet the muse:

When I Met My Muse

I glanced at her and took my glasses
off–they were still singing. They buzzed
like a locust on the coffee table and then
ceased. Her voice belled forth, and the
sunlight bent. I felt the ceiling arch, and
knew that nails up there took a new grip
on whatever they touched. “I am your own
way of looking at things,” she said. “When
you allow me to live with you, every
glance at the world around you will be
a sort of salvation.” And I took her hand.

William Stafford

The Screaming Orphans: This  is a new band that kept me swaying tonight. Their music is a mixture of modern rock and traditional Irish music. What is Irish music after all? Is it the instruments? The style of singing? The language? I think it is a slice of everything.

Screaming Orphans

Joan Diver – drums, vocals

Angela Diver – bass, violin, vocals

Gráinne Diver – guitar, vocals

Marie Thérèse Diver – keys, accordion, vocals

Info from their website: The Screaming Orphans are four funny, high-spirited, musically-obsessed sisters with the good fortune to have been raised in the magic of Bundoran in County Donegal Ireland.    There is a great tradition of music to be found in Irish homes especially in the Gaeltacht or Irish-speaking areas which have produced the likes of Clannad, Enya and Mairead, Micheal and Triona Ni Dhomhnaill. Our home was no exception. From we were young, we’ve been singing and playing traditional Irish music but when we hit our teenage years we knew it was time to start our own rock band.


When I first heard of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, I thought it was a typo. I was thinking of a famous American rock band. But seeing these guys in kilt and pipes , I realised they’re the real deal. They play a variety of music ranging from the more traditional to the re-interpretation of mainstream rock favorites. I see that they don’t really take themselves seriously which is nice because it makes them get away with whatever they do.

Pipe music has been one of my passion and I love listening to all kinds of piping. be it Irish uilleann pipes, the Scottish bag pipes of the Gaita, they’re all amazing in their own way and their own unique and distinctive sounds. Right now they will be performing in Pipes in the valley. See details here: http://www.pipesinthevalley.com/


One Reply to “Pipers and Rockers:Ease the Pain with Music”

  1. I to am one who does lively music when I’m down, and it’s usually the reels and jigs from Scotland or Ireland, or a good Irish/Scottish American (Usually Rock!) band. Bands like Enter the Haggis, the Elders, or Flogging Molly fits the bill quite nicely, but Screaming Orphans can also fill the bill! I have never heard the Pipers before!! Really cool!


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