I Will Carry You-Shishonnah

(R) Jenne Lennon (L) Liz Madden Photo by Roland Labana

(R) Jenne Lennon (L) Liz Madden Photo by Roland Labana

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.  ~Christopher Reeve

Hope is the physician of each misery.  ~Irish Proverb

The new single from duo Jenne Lennon and Liz Madden known as Shishonnah will definitely thrill fans of Loreena McKennitt, Connie Dover and Enya!  The song  “I Will Carry You” starts out with a gentle piano melody that builds up into a sweeping choral and chamber extravaganza. The classically trained  lush voice of Jenne, and Liz’s supple ethereal folk voice compliment each other well- like they’ve been born to sing together. This song talks about hope and healing amidst all the pains that life hands us. Listening it again and again is such a joy!

Their first single Dance with the River is so unique and powerful. Especially the chanting  and percussion part. This is a kind of song that I think Capercaillie wish they recorded.

Jenne Lennon:

Known as “The Janis Joplin of Celtic Music!”, Jenne’s mission as an artist is to become the first American singer/songwriter internationally known in the new genre of Celtic World Fusion music, and to use her music as a platform for social awareness of poverty, AIDS and Native American rights http://jennelennon.com/   and http://www.glencoerecords.com/

Liz Madden

“If a harp had a voice, it would sound like Liz Madden.  With a sound that flows through the air like rose petals through a wind chime…” Gregg Senko of Why So Blu?

A patron of the Irish charity Bee for Battens, Liz is also a supporter of the Children in Crossfire charity and recently performed at two events accompanied on guitar by Richard Moore, Director of Children in Crossfire. Liz had the honor of singing ‘A Price for Love’ written by the late Christie Hennessy, patron of Children in Crossfire. Liz is the first artist since Christie Hennessey, to sing this wonderful song. Along with various other charity work and activism, Liz has also just completed her first book entitled ‘Letters from The Ancients’. http://www.lizmaddenonline.com/


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