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The traditional music collective is ever growing with people creating sites and musicians uploading more links to their works. I dropped by my buddies at the TradConnect forum and threw them a question. I was asking about useful topics because these past few days were trying. I think I am suffering from writer’s block.It is hard to think and writing was a struggle. But that is life. Sometimes you make it easy, sometimes you walk the hard road. And the hardest roads are the ones that shape you and make you think about what kind of person you are.

I have learned that anger can change you and turn you into someone else. But stepping back, and asking your soul is always helpful-but hard amidst the raging storm. I was off from an island vacation. I remember how angry the sea was and how scared I was. And I left it with the waves still angry.

Within this adventure. Our bus passed by a victim of  a motorcycle accident. I didn’t look at the window. People said there was too much blood. Then I look ahead just a few meters from the scene of the accident and realized how the world didn’t care. How butterflies and birds still dance in the wind. How people go on with their daily lives not caring that a tragedy has happened. And the sky was ever blue, not mindful of the darkness behind. Scenes such as these makes you think….how fragile we all are and how frail our voices can be, so helpless against the humdrum of the world around us. So there is no one to deal with your broken soul but you. Love yourself more…that is the only way to be saved! Because sometimes…no one will.

The guys are really helpful and enthusiastic . I like to thank Jim McAuley for the wonderful links he provided me. Here’s his video playing Parnell’s March and Strop The Razor.

Jim and Friend’s :Jim McAuley (fiddle) – Daire Taylor ( Pipes ) Morton Robinson ( Banjo ) and John Morrow ( Guitar ),, At of Local Session, all player’s are from East Antrim.


Below are useful links for those who are trying to gather more information about Traditional Irish music. by Dick Glasgow as a site dedicated to his music plus links to other sites. Very educational is a wikipedia article about the music of Ireland. following discussion on the origins of Irish traditional music was assembled from several posts made by Caoimhín Mac Aoidh to the IRTRAD-L list. Caoimhín Mac Aoidh is an expert on the fiddle music of Donegal, which he has been collecting and studying for many years. Ceoltóirí Éireann -From the website:is the largest group involved in the preservation and promotion of Irish traditional music. We’re a non-profit cultural movement with hundreds of local branches around the world, and as you can read in our history we’ve been working for the cause of Irish music since the middle of the last century (1951 to be precise). Our efforts continue with increasing zeal as the movement launches itself into the 21st century.


4 Replies to “Irish Music Useful Links”

  1. The video was fantastic! As was the picture of the Guinness in the center of the table! (I want a real Irish Guinness that is not pasteurized – there IS a difference!!) Anger and frustration can break your peace in life. Step back and let the music carry you, my friend.


  2. Well…thanks Jeremy. I guess you are right. I think I am ready to tell life :show me your best shot! Hahahahaha it is all good bro. Thanks for dropping by. You should know that people like you who read what I write here make it all worthwhile.


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