Sam Murray Flutes

“From the start, when it was the instrument of the wood-god Pan, the flute has been associated with pure (some might say impure) energy. Its sound releases something naturally untamed, as if a squirrel were let loose in a church.” -Seamus Heaney

Ok the hot discussion in the traditional boards right now in terms of flute brand is Sam Murray. My friend Lars who plays traditional Irish music is crazy about getting one and now he is anticipating this in the package soon.

One characteristic of the Sam Murray open key wooden flute is that has a nice loud tone and had the flexibility to reach in to the 3rd octave, if required. The only issue here is that you have to blow harder.

Sam Murray is from Belfast and has made flutes that serviced musicians making it to the stages of the world. I will show you an example of the keyed flute played by Stephen Doherty.

The other one is the keyless flute.

Sam Murray
The Old Forge
42a New Road
Galway City, Ireland
Tel: +353 863310641

4 thoughts on “Sam Murray Flutes

  1. The first flutist is fabulous! He must be breathing through alternating lungs! LOL! The second flutist is no less talented. The breath control is really something for both of them.


  2. I can now vouch for Sam Murrays flutes in terms of power, craftsmanship and tone spectrum. Now i need to practise for years but at least it is *not* the flute holding me back : )


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