Site Makeover

As you can see I made some changes in the design of my site. It still has that old flavor but I want it to have a classy look. You can see that the title The Celtic Music Fan is in French script. A lot of changes happened in my life recently and most of them are too personal to add here. But I can tell you, I will be writing more and more to deliver you what’s new and what’s out in music.

I know someone out there is a person who is driven to write to exorcise whatever madness lurks within the soul. I hope you find this and I also hope the music here will soothe your soul and ease your mind.

It is not easy to have so much passion inside you especially when it is not directed to what is helpful. Music is helpful and the more passion you have, the more driven you are to give just the best performance. Because without that outlet, life will be hard. Especially when passion is dependent on people  than in art.

I think lately I have been feeling that kind of shift. So I am asking you to help me go back to that useful passion which is music. And yes writing about it. The more words I make, the more energy I spend and then I will be too tired to bother about other personal things. We all need something to save us from helpless passion. And I hope my thoughts will make you realize that there is nothing in this world that is worth serving other than Art..because it is a jealous master. Material things can fail us..but never Art!


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