TradConnect:Connecting Traditional Irish Musicians Across The World

TradConnect was launched in April 2011 and is a new social network for people that play, listen to and enjoy traditional Irish music. The aim of the site is to connect people that are learning and playing traditional Irish music with other players in their area.

There is a kind of glow that happens when you meet a new friend. There is a sense of anticipation and wonder. We always start somewhere the way we end. TradConnect is like that. It is a community of musicians and music lover promoting traditional Irish music.

It came as a surprise when Tony posted a link on my blog. I always try to click on the profile of whoever has contributed their thoughts. Then I saw this site. Nanvigating is easy, and links are all placed just under the header. Not too much eye candy here as it prevents distraction.

Other than the videos of members playing music, one of the  interesting attraction is the chat room. There you will be able to share musical ideas with fellow musicians from all over the world. Tony, the site administrator also pops in and out once in a while and everyone is having a great time sharing a craic.

I am from the Philippines writing about Celtic music, and I am welcomed to the group with open arms. I am looking forward to share musical ideas with the members and write stories about them so that this great circle of musical tradition will be enjoyed by many.


3 thoughts on “TradConnect:Connecting Traditional Irish Musicians Across The World

  1. I agree it’s a place with many interesting people and musicians abound. I’m still searching it out and though I’m a bit more cautious, I think it’ll end up being a musical home foe many of us who love Irish music these days. I think discovering a new site like this is half the fun!! 🙂


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