Celtic Music on the Run


Tremolo Band: Bringing their music both on the road and the Web

Tremolo Band: Bringing their music both on the road and the Web

This piece is a tribute to music going mobile. I know of someone (you know who you are) who doesn’t like the idea of having an iPod-or in general making music mobile, believing that it is a private experience.

The good and the bad:

I read about  the time when music was an indoor experience. It was a family affair with people gathering  in front of their Victor turntable and listening to collections upon collections of music recorded on vinyl. I am talking about the 70s when bands used to have their songs on 45s and LPs.

Now music became a solitary experience. People listen alone. And sometimes people listen to the hum and not really to the music. They just splice the tracks as background music while most of their attentions are focused on the task. No wonder the recording industry is cashing out on young artists who can sing lines like ” baby, baby oh or I want your love oh yea” again and again with decent beats and pass it off for music. I can’t blame them. This generation has low attention span. And music like that caters to people with no special leaning to the arts.

But if you are an artist you know what you want and you care for what you want. More and more Celtic musicians are advertising and selling their music in different formats. You have iTunes, bandcamp and even rhapsody.

The web generation has taught artists to be resourceful . They no longer wait for execs to find their craft and sell it. They do the advertising and some even go as far as doing the album art. I know a few who do these things without sacrificing the beauty of their music.

back to my idea of the good and the bad:

The good:MP3 downloads are practical and also a fast way of getting the music our there with the click of the thumb.

The bad: Too many choices too many things to consider.

I love the way how the music industry is evolving and empowering those without access to major labels. Most of my discovery came from youtube. And I see myself posting more and more youtube videos in the future. And I also look forward to post from friends. let us all spread the beauty of Celtic music.


2 thoughts on “Celtic Music on the Run

  1. Music of any kind has really grown. Though I loved the age of vinyl with all it’s groups for me the blossoming that began with cassette tapes that has grown first to CDs, and now the portable music that we get from from iPods, and all other MP3 players has made music much more reliably portable. I know because after listening to the drag of tapes and even CDs if the thing wasn’t held perfectly still made the listening very frustrating. These personal music boxes today have given us so much! And the funny thing is – it has brought back the old music in so many ways!! Love them!!


  2. Yes I remember the days when these cassette tapes develop molds and cleaning is very hard. The worse thing that could happen is the surface breaking down creating a creaking noise while you play. MP3s don’t do that 🙂


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