The Heart’s Sweet Sob: Kate Rusby

My friend and I posted the songs of Kate Rusby a lot recently . These are days when songs of her’s create a beautiful backdrop against life’s stressful activities. But it is more than that. She addresses some of the most common human conditions .

For instance the song Wandering Soul from the album The Girl Could Not Fly, talks about finding one’s true home after countless times of fumbling and stumbling. I think I can relate to this, especially that I found a special circle I call home. I have been in different circles but this one is like a crater formed after a meteor drop-a truly life altering experience.

I often joke to one of my friends that if this is made into a movie,  it’s gonna be a story shot in different locations in the world with quirky characters and nice cinematography. And yes, lots and lots of music. There will always be other circles- little ones but not like this where you find everyone who appreciates the kind of music that I blog about here.

You will realize that friends whom you met through music are friends who stay with you much longer. Because when everything fails, there is always music to talk about. And even if you don’t have to talk, you let the music do the talking for you.

There two memorable paragraphs from an article I read about her:

She lost two close relatives while putting the album together and the split with husband John McCusker meant she needed a new producer. With indomitable Yorkshire practicality, her decision was to face that problem herself and with help from her brother Joe, Awkward Annie sees her not only doing the songwriting but also the knob-twiddling.

Still, it’s a long standing truth that from hard times comes fine art, and Awkward Annie is testament to that. While Kate describes the making of the album as “extremely tough” in her notes, the resulting songs have a refreshed vibrancy and depth that was occasionally lacking on The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly

-BBC Review(Kate Rusby in a wonderful return to form…) Chris Long 2007-09-07

Kudos to Kate and her beautiful music : a combination of English, Scottish and Irish folk  styles resonating the sweet, and sometimes trying times we often face in life, as we journey through relationships. It is a hard road but in the end there is always the door to what you can call a home. And someone whom we can call our true love.


2 Replies to “The Heart’s Sweet Sob: Kate Rusby”

  1. She has taken those nasty lemons in life and truly made lemonade – I love her strength, and the way her voice wonderfully soars over the pain gently taking you beyond and into the less stressful parts of life for me. She’s a really gifted artist.


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