Friendship and Music

There was a point when I used to post two updates per day. Visiting this place made me realize that life has caught up with me. Wow what happened? I guess I have been sailing in bliss for the past few months. And I still am. But my conscience is screaming right now.  I need to dust this place off. I think I am doing a lot of dusting off today- from  old records I have not listened to, up to deciding to read something.

Music has played a big part in all my friendships. Sometimes people close to me read what I feel through the kind of songs I post in facebook. You know you are close to someone if he or she starts getting bothered by your playlist. It means he or she is sensitive to your feelings .  You don’t have to say anything. You just let the songs do the confessions for you. There are sentiments that if we express them, they fall short of intended impact. But coming from an artist, they deliver the message home.

Music is the language of the soul.


Despair- Tim Eriksen and Cath Oss at Celtic Connections 2011

This took place only this year.


Canadian Celtic music scene is always bursting with excitement bringing us artists and music that blurs category and traditions.

Cape Breton’s Colin Grant Band came to Vancouver to perform at the Celtic Fest 2011 and gave a free concert at the Pacific Centre Plaza on March 15, 2011, or as Grant himself indicated, a year too late for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The Irish instrumental rhythm and tunes were provided by Colin Grant (fiddle), Jason Roach (piano), Darren McMullen (guitar, mandolin, banjo) Donnie Calabrese (bass) and Colin Clarke (Drums).

[Music Video by Ray Van Eng Shot with Sony VG10, the world’s first interchangeable lens HD Handycam.]


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