Fig For A Kiss by Abby Green

From the tradition of the best women troubadours, Abby Green shines with Fig For A Kiss. The Renaissance Fair will love her perky light voice. Armed with her cittern and wonderful arrangements, the album shines due to its simplicity  and excellent production.This is a follow up to her critically acclaimed album Einini. What I love about this album is the consistency of each track. It puts you on the right mood whither you are hearing the lively Is Trua Gan Peata and My Johnny is a Shoemaker or the breezy Wild Mountain Thyme . I am reading  lots of positive review about this album on the web and I can attest this is one of the albums to own this year if you are a Celtophile!

Abby does not only sing Irish music but also takes the Gaelic language seriously through her site. She is indeed a  wonderful Celtic music talent.

Visit  to order.


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