Didgeridoo Sessions

Interesting info about this video:

“Enjoy this short impression of our contribution to the Summer Solstice world didgeridoo meditation.
Four times a year people all over the world take part in this didgeridoo sound healing meditation wherever they are. The didgeridoo meditation happens on the equinoxes and solstices at local sunset times. It is like a wave of healing sound following the sunset around the globe four times a year.
So the meditation starts in New Zealand (since they are the first large land after the date line); soon after participants in Australia, Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries join in; the wave will then be carried on by participants in Arab countries, Israel, Africa and Europe with Americans, Canadians, Middle and South Americans complete the world wide circle.
We will do this didgeridoo meditation at every solstice and equinox, so we will join our global energy playing didgeridoo four times a year. Join our growing worldwide didgeridoo circle in this regular meditation, the next one will be on 22 June 2007. Wherever you are on this beautiful planet on 22 June 2007, please allow for one hour starting at your local sunset time. If you cannot set that hour apart, be with us in spirit as much as you can during that hour.
Let’s Surround the Earth in a Didgeridoo Sound Blanket!!!
For more info: http://www.didjshop.com”

If you are a world music enthusiast like me, I know you will find it hard to resist the sound of the didgeridoo. The didgeridoo is a wind instrument of the Aboriginal Australians which dates back up to 1,500 years. The popular culture has made the didgeridoo ‘hip’ and thus incorporate it in recordings. A fine example is found in Long Black Veil of The Chieftains and also can be heard in The Book of Secrets by Loreena McKennitt.


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