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I admit I was baffled by all the bodhran designs I see these days. It has evolved from a traditional instrument  to a stylish one capable of different flavors. The styles have now became varied as the younger generations introduced their own way of playing .

  Jacob McCauley is from Toronto Canada( winning the Toronto Fleadh Music Competition, March 2008). He incorporates a lot of styles but his favorite tempos  are the 7/8 and 13/16.He is in the middle of working on his  Bodhrán Instructional DVD , an experimental album with guitarist Santiago Dobles & bass player Alan Goldstein of progressive Metal band “Aghora” and several other projects. Whoaa! Metal meets folk.

Being a versatile player, he already shared the stage with The Chieftains and Lau(award winning Scottish band). What makes looking at his instructional videos rewarding is his charismatic personality, and easy way of explaining and demonstrating.

I am starting to enjoy listening to the bodhran without other instruments. It is a very expressive percussion. It is capable of delivering many shades and even nuances that can never be found in other percussions .