Are You Irish?

On the Personal Side of Things

I apologize to have been away for quite awhile. Like most ordinary working class human beings I have family business to take care. Apart from that I have been busy with my job and having a social life. Which  should have been done moderately because I have an obligation to you.  I like updating this site. It gives me a sense of balance. When it is about this, it is always about music. Not what I feel and not what I expect people to give me.

Often times we find ourselves feeling neglected. Especially when we are no longer the center of attention. This can be a sad experience. That is always the case when you are fond of someone. That person becomes the center of your universe. Suddenly nothing matters.

I don’t usually put personal stuff here because this is about music. Sorry about that but I feel like I have to say this. I had a falling out with a friend a couple of months ago. Neither of us are still speaking to one another. At some point I felt I was abandoned.  Then I realize I have to take it as a blessing. I no longer get phone calls late at night where the conversation centers around this person’s relationship and family life. I no longer had to sacrifice a little bit of time in my part just to listen to concerns when I am supposed to hurry up to do something. For the fist time I feel that I am talking about myself. This is a good feeling. Why should I feel bad losing someone like that? It is the feeling of freedom I shall never trade for a moment’s bliss. When you care about someone  you are giving that person access to your soul. Make sure it is worth it.


Old Blind Dogs Concert..

Fans of Old Blind Dogs will be glad to know that they will kick the month of may with a concert. Old Blind Dogs have been playing music that combines Celtic, World reggae and rock. Originally from the Scottish Highlands, the band has been around since 1992 and with an accomplishment of recording 12 albums.

Time: 01 May · 19:30 – 22:00 ,  Venue: Kathy and Cary Brown’s House

More info:  Tickets are $20 suggested donation (all proceeds go directly to band)
Complimentary Food and Drink Band CDs available for purchase plus a raffle for the acoustic guitar used on the tour-all proceeds of raffle benefit Paws for People
For reservations call 708-602-4408 or email


Jig: The Film

Are you ready for Jig? This is a film about Irish dancing . Release date May 6 2011:

More Info: From the award winning director of My Street and Mum & Me, Jig tells the compelling story of the 40th Irish dancing world championships in Glasgow. Thousands of dancers, their families and teachers take part in the drama-filled seven day event where dance talent is pushed to the very limit in the quest for perfection.


For Wrestling Fanatics..

I am not a wrestling fan. But there’s this guy in facebook who asked me if I am Irish. he noticed all my posts. I said “Nope but it’s like asking me why I love RnB when I am not African American”.


One Reply to “Are You Irish?”

  1. Bax,
    It is good to see you back! I understand the pain you must have felt and are feeling. I’m sending thoughts and prayers your way, friend.

    Old Blind Dogs has been a fabulous group from the beginning and I am really looking forward to this new music as well. As to Jig, I had no idea it was coming! I remember the hoopla over River Dance so well and that was the first time I knew of the competitions. Michael Flately, Jean Butler and so many others became dancing icons to those of us who loved Irish music at the time. I cannot wait to see it here in the States!

    As to wrestling mania…I’m not a fan, but I AM Irish or at least a good part of my DNA is Irish! And the music that has driven my soul has been for years the Celtic and Irish tunes, jigs, reels, ballads and laments. Here’s too centuries more of the music and Irish dancing!


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