A Weekend With Paddyrasta and Celtus

I had a relaxing weekend going out alone. It’s been fun going out with friends but they would not understand  the scene when you start meditating and humming Oooommmm. Or doing levitation exercises. So I decided to go out on my own. I like doing hitchhikes in the past all over the island. There is that sense of adventure of not knowing what happens next or whom you meet along the way. I have been to trucks, buses, cars and other places and people always have stories to tell.It’s good to listen and to know how others live their lives. Yes I admire Anthropologists. Because people are the same wherever you go-to Echo Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder’s Ebony and Ivory.


The spirit of my experience brought me to the music of Paddyrasta. And Irish band playing Celtic music infused with Reggae. I was so excited about their music that I started posting their videos on facebook. So far wonderful friends connected to this band. You can find more about them in this link: http://www.myspace.com/paddyrasta and also through their official youtube channel: http://www.myspace.com/paddyrasta. There you can tell the spirit of the music. Rasta colored shamrock! The songs can be a bit political but I am not a lyrics guy. I am a sound man. And I say this sounds tasty.


Celtus is an Irish band with roots that can be traced back to rock music in the 80s. Their past influence do help in making the music unique. There is that showmanship of excellent vocals(oh yes the main vocals are beautiful and that’s how they made me a fan) as well as great melodies.Yes take note the traces of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. They border between the haunting and the punchy kind of music-but not too much. Stately and at most often atmospheric, Celtus is the band you can play anytime anywhere in your travels.  And feel like an eagle souring high above. Too bad they’re no longer together.



3 thoughts on “A Weekend With Paddyrasta and Celtus

  1. Sorry for my recent absence again. Spring’s my busiest business season & I have to take advantage. Sounds like you’re on vacation–maybe in Jamaica? I hope you’re having a great time, regardless!


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