Old Is The New Young

My friend Jimmy posted this. Visit these guys’ webpage: http://www.myspace.com/bostonkiltics

I had a long interesting discussion with a friend through email. And at one point we talked about the feeling of ‘getting old’. This is not about biological age or being jaded. It’s a feeling when one acquires an understanding of the world as one reaches a certain point in life.When one takes pleasure at the simplicity and quietude of things .

When one listens to ‘quiet’ music, it is always a sort of joke for others. Just because one is contented with life does not mean that he lacks something . Media is always telling us to be somebody else. I know that. I have been through that. But I tell you, old is the new young.

That’s why New Age or Traditional musicians occupy my personal hall of fame. I have nothing against pop singers. I don’t think they are making awful music. It just simply means that they are singing ‘accessible ‘ music that a lot of the population can relate too. When music touches you in a certain way then you become a fan of the performer. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong either if you love Arabic scales. I think variety is the spice of life. The more differences the more excitement.

I have nothing against Metal bands either. What I am against are people who think that only one form of music is important. I am against people who think that just because they love Freddie Mercury or John Lennon, they have the right to discredit other artists. And why is it that Mike Oldfield did not make it to the Billboard’s top 100 best guitarist? I think he is the best.

When Rock music was young it thought it could change the world. Then it became huge and very successful even becoming more corporate. Now the essence is lost. It’s just about being famous and ‘cool’. We have to remember that it’s the same establishment that put Britney Spears on the cover of Rolling Stones and call it rock!

Next time people laugh at you for being different , just don’t mind them. You know you are special because you don’t like what the rest of the world likes. Seek pleasure in your individuality and follow the beat of your own drum. To quote from Sting’s An Englishman in New York: Be yourself, no matter what they say.



April 10:

After the success of last year, comes the second season of the TEA-CEILIS!

What is Tea-Ceili?
Is a monthly meeting organized by the Irish Dance Troupe “Celtic Argentina”, which aims to spend an afternoon of Irish culture! From 16:00 am to 17:00 pm, will enjoy a tea with homemade cakes, and from 17:00 pm to 19:00 pm will be time to get up and go dancing with all participants Ceilis!

What are Ceilis?
The act of dancing together (rounds, online and progressive lines), introduced in Ireland by the Normans around the 12 th century and were revived by the Gaelic League (Gaelic League) between 1920 and 1930. It was then that they adopted the current structure, with hands at sides, toes, rapid turns and movements, both in steps and in transfers, and implemented regulations to continue in competition.

Do I need prior knowledge?
NO! Anyone can come one afternoon and dance! There is no age limit! We will teach the dances, there is no excuse for not encouraged. Assembly members and students of the School “Celtic Argentina” are always willing to help.


The hope of all!

Ceil tea APRIL
Sunday April 10
16:00 am to 17:00 pm – Tea
17:00 pm to 19:00 pm – Ceili Class

Fahy Club

Adults – $ 25 .-
Includes Free Tea (Food and Drink)
Discounts for Children, Families, Students and Alumni Celtic Argentina

To reserve space send an e-mail, indicate number of guests to:

Garry O’Brien Debut Single Launch (going away party)

08 April · 20:30 – 23:30

Setanta Sports Centre, Ballymun

Created by:

More info


Hello my good friends and music lovers, I’m moving to Spain to work for the next 6 months, so this will be my last gig until I’m home in October 2011 and think it’d be special to do my first intimate hometown show with full band and make it my going away party all in one.

Friday the 8th of April I have booked Setanta Sports Centre (Ballymun Rd, beside library), €8 entry with free raffle ticket for funny goodies. The single is called ”Listen To Your Heart” and will be available on iTunes by that time. Laying down drums, quartet and choir next week for it, should be sounding EPIC!
(iTunes top up cards are available in all record stores to go shopping for your iPod, handy).

Support from the extremely gifted female loop master “Elaine Mai”. Get her free download;


AND our own Ballymun Kate Tunstall, the wonderful Rachael McCormack



Strangers are welcome too, its a big gig after all!!!!!

”Fresh from a tour with his hero Damien Dempsey throughout Ireland in venues like ‘Spirit Store’ and ‘Drogheda Arts Center’, Garry O’Brien has gone from support act to headline act of his own packed show in one of Irelands premier music venueS, Whelans, which has seen the rise of Irish superstars such as The Script and Christy Moore.
Garrys uniquely diverse playing style, fusing Irish Trad, Gospel and Folk has one of many admirers and an ever growing fan base. Top Irish Music Magazine critic Oliver Sweeny of Hotpress said ‘A writer whose songs invite favourable comparisons with the best of Damien Dempseys work, and that of Mundy, his future is bright beyond compare”.
His talents have been honed from his work with Kevin Kelly and his award winning Our Ladies Gospel Choir (Best All Ireland Gospel Choir 2010). Growing up in an area which has had music talent in an abundance like Aslan and U2, Garry could soon be among the best Ballymun has produced.”


photography by Michelle Leahy

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