From Dublin to France, Michigan to Germany

Lives, Music and Snail Mail…

The lives people lead. Fascinating. It’s great to have friends on the Internet to help one realize that people are the same wherever you go. There’s the good and the bad, the beautiful and the not so. I used to engage in letter writing (snail mail) in high school. There’s this local music mag with a forum. I like to read it every week . I would usually tell my mom if she’s going out to the market to buy me one. Of course there was no Celtic music at that time (my repertoire was not that wide yet). Only popular artists like Sinead O’Connor, U2, Van Morisson and Elvis Costello. I would occasionally read about The Pogues and I know somewhere a long the way the band Clannad was mentioned but you see, when your interests were different you had to wait a couple of years before something hits you musically that will turn you around-the record stores.

The means of getting into the forum was through snail mail-as every kid of my generation had to bear with. I had to labour late at night just to scribble my thoughts on a yellow pad and send it to the editor. I had to wait  for weeks before I read my note published. But I really appreciated the exhilaration of being able to send something out to the world. The fact that my name was somewhere there, joining these people in a conversation about music was really an amazing feeling.

Because of this hunger to meet interesting minds, my letter writing got  me into  correspondences with people around the globe. I did  not really form a lasting bond with them but it is great to be able to receive a letter written by someone else not from this country. I remember opening each envelope slowly and feeling the texture  and the smell of the paper. I think everything that comes from a Post Office does smell awesome. The handwriting and the thoughts of a friend , the images and experiences they imbibed me-they’re my windows to the world.

Now people seldom take time to write a really long thoughtful letter. Perhaps it is this sadness that lead a lot of us to blog. This is our love letter to the world when we feel that there is no longer that long-lasting sincere connection because what we have are just phrases or sentences. Sometimes friend only ‘poke’ us and we ‘poke’ back. I know I am spoiled by all the snail mails I had in the past. But perhaps it is not too late to make another go with ‘letter writing’ in the age of Internet.

Music News….

Currently listening to Grada’s Biodegradable track from their Endeavor album(2005). I like the title. It is one of their eye-rolling instrumental pieces. The music is really Irish with hints of Jazz , Blue Grass and New Age . I got into them after hearing their Landing Step album. If you don’t have Grada in your collection yet, I suggest you get the Landing Step first and everything will follow. More here:


Guidewires performing before Capercaillie at the Festival de Cornouaille in Quimper, 21rst July 2009.
Padraig Rynne: concertina
Tola Custy: fiddle
Sylvain Barou: wooden flute
Paul McSherry: guitar
Karol Lynch: bouzouki

Guidewires are composed of seasoned musicians in the Irish traditional scene. They have a new album out and it’s really worth a listen. Check out the official website for more info. And yes this video will tell you why you need to check them out. That’s the craic!


Been looking for the lyrics to a song of Christy Moore called  The Piper’s Path. If anyone can give me a link , would be very much appreciated. I heard it twice in a week now  while listening to


And while you’re tuned in to your Irish stations, don’t forget to listen to our brothers in Brittany. Check this young act out. They are interesting:


04 April at 21:00 – 05 April at 00:00

The Back Door Session @ Chaz Bar Wexford 

Commercial Quay Wexford
Wexford, Ireland

Created by:

More info
FIACH Has supported Wallis Bird on many a tour 🙂 has, until now, been one the Irish music scene’s best kept secrets but is now ready to be launched into the hearts of music lovers the length and breadth of the country. 

Fiach Moriarty is a 27 year old Dubliner, well respected and loved for his beautiful songwriting, exceptional voice and fantastic guitar playing and is fondly known as the ‘Hardest Working Artist in Ireland’, but it was his talent that found him sharing the stage with the cream of Irish and international artists such as Ray Davies, Eddi Reader, Mary Black, Damien Dempsey, Kila, Freddie White, Sinéad O’Connor, Damien Rice and Paddy Casey

One thought on “From Dublin to France, Michigan to Germany

  1. You’re so right…we often don’t take the time to actually write letters these days. I try to but like everyone, but often only get a few letters out a year. Sad to think that it was once the way we saw into our past to create the stories and even the history that we know.

    Great music! See you when I get back!


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