Finding Compassion In A Bleak World

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about all my years watching Earth, is that people aren’t what they may seem. There are shop boys, and there are boys who just happen to work in a shop for the time being. And trust me Tristan, you’re no shop boy. You saved my life. Thank you.

-Yvaine( from the movie Stardust a story by Neil Gaiman )

There are people who define themselves through the kind of work they do. It is  dangerous. People sometimes lose their sense of who they are when they get caught up with the kind of employment they lead. For instance, when one becomes a  manager of a company, he or she thinks that he or she is indeed a ‘ manager’ in all aspects of  life. And that person could no longer discern which role ends and which one begins.

I always think we are more than what we do. You  can be silly which is fun. You can be a  teacher, a student of life or a  Philosopher. It is great to look at the world with our many selves instead of  one eye.

I guess when one is done with work,one should leave everything behind. The feelings of hurt, the things that you heard said about yourself, or even the displeasure of exchanging unpleasantness with someone. One should try to put on the other self- the real you. That is another part of you that your real friends enjoy so much.One should no longer talk about work.


Another sad news.

We live in a world where too much information is available and young people are not made aware how to deal with that power. There is no longer a sense of responsibility towards what we can do. Knowledge is power but the sad thing is that a lot of people use it to destroy others. In Nova Scotia, A 15- year old girl took her own life  because she was bullied. The same thing happened sometime ago to an Irish immigrant in Massachusetts. It looks like schools could no longer protect children. We are sending them to the jungle. Teachers who have the power and influence are stymied by this. Principals could not do anything but watch young people shoot each other. Whats the world turning to?


While the world is looming in darkness, let us check out music news to keep us warm


Winston Scottie from Cape Breton


Someone tweeted this and I  think it is a beautiful piece . Music from Galicia Spain. Luar Na Lubre-Canto De Andar


Leading figure in Manx music passes away

‘A Manxman who inspired generations’, is one of the tributes which have been paid to Alan Pickard who has died at the age of 69.  More here:


THE 119th Manx Music Festival starts at the Villa Marina in Douglas this weekend.

Known locally as The Guild, the competitive music, speech and dance festival has attracted 1,400 entries.

More here:


Peter McGowan & Finn MacCool

01 April · 22:00 – 23:00

Genghis Cohen 

740 N. Fairfax Ave,

More info

Cover $8 

Club (323)653-0640


Skype tutorials

Created by: Eamon Murray

More info Hi folks, From April 1st I will be giving one to one tutorials via Skype! For those who are in far flung corners of the globe we can now connect for a tutorial where you can pick my brains. These are for any level of experience from total beginner to advanced. Follow this link for more information-

All the best, Eamon


Holland and Palmley Celtic Duo DAL VIVO!

Location Calisto Cafè, VAILATE 

Via Manzoni, 2

Vailate ( tel. 036384077 )

Created by: Holland Palmley Duo

More info Holland and Palmley, Celtic Duo.
Per la prima volta in Italia.
Dal vivo al Calisto cafè.
Presentando anche il loro CD “The Visit”
Venite per una serata di buona musica e buona compagnia.
Speriamo di vedervi.



3 thoughts on “Finding Compassion In A Bleak World

  1. Cyber-bullying – ANY bullying is wrong! But the bad thing is that it seems so much more prevalent these days and that is scary to me. I talk to my granddaughters all the time and remind them of those who are important, and those who aren’t – but kids live in their world and you never know if you got through.

    LISTEN to your kids! Know what’s happening to them, and ask lots of questions. You’re the link to their safety in this nasty world.


  2. It really weighs heavy on my heart to discover such a terrible thing could even happen. Even more so learning that it took place in Nova Scotia, my home country.
    At times I feel we have been given too much freedom on the internet, and too much freedom to those who are younger and aren’t really prepared to deal with the dangers they can be exposed to.
    The internet is part of their generation though, and they identify themselves with the feedback image others give them. Parents and school establishments just cannot provide the needed security mesures to protect this generation of youth who more often than not, are much more computer savy than their elders.
    I agree with Chris. Kids need to know that they can find love, help and safe refuge from the people who care and really matter, their family.


  3. Thanks for taking the time to read Chris and Nancie. There are people who became Internet personalities by taking the liberty to mock or bully people. And they have their fans 🙂 I think it is time to make a clean up.


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