Quietude and Kindness

Calm in quietude is not real calm. When you can be calm in the midst of activity, this is the true state of nature. Happiness in comfort is not real happiness. When you can be happy in the midst of hardship, then you see the true potential of the mind.

Zen master: Huanchu Daoren


Today I want to address our capacity to stand still despite the chaos around us. There are people who would just give in to negative emotions out of paranoia due to miscommunication. I am guilty of this. It happens from time to time especially when emotions are subjected to wear and tear. Stress from work is enough to drive one to suspect that a plot to destroy his or her being is out there.

It is funny that people we tend to dislike at first end up to be our strongest allies. But life is uncertain. We know this from the time we leave home for school. And it never ends. I remember watching that movie called “Nightmare Before Christmas”. It somehow stroked a chord in me. I have a soft spot for underdogs and those who turn bad because  the society hurt them.

Sometimes there’s too much emotion, so many things to do but with so little time. And everyone has that precious soul inside worth dying for.  All the things happening now, catastrophes, war and even the personal wars we have can wear and tear the soul turning us into brittle roses that are left in the midday, to wither and be blown by the wind.

So let us show a little kindness, a little sweetness. For life is infinitely precious.



Check this video by Oona McOuat. She is traveling to Zimbabwe with her band:

Want to help Spread the Love? Oona & Dream Deep need your support in creating global unity as they launch Kids Across the Continents in Zimbabwe this spring. Donate via PayPal to oonasong@yahoo.com


Get to know the band Shelta.This was taken last Saint Patrick’s Day in France. Thanks to Jimmy for posting this on his facebook page. Now I discovered something new. I recently got acquainted with this talented young man with an inexhaustible kindness. It’s really great knowing him. He and other new friends came to me just in time after  I started having this falling out with a friend I had for years. It somehow temporarily disabled my ability to trust and to be a good judge of human character. When a friendship ends it makes you think about your own life and question your own ability to keep friendship. Have I done wrong? But perhaps everyone is  always given redemption . Thanks to Jimmy and the rest for the friendship.


Former Old Blind Dog singer Jim Malcolm is having a house concert If you are a fan of his an his band’s music, I am sure you are going to be curious:

Jim Malcolm House Concert



24 March · 20:00 – 23:00


Kathy and Cary Brown

1624 Heather Hill Crescent

Flossmoor, IL

Created by:

Kathy Brown

More info

Tickets are $20 donation(all of which goes directly to Jim)
Complimentary Drinks and Refreshments
Call or email kathleenblazebrown@sbcglobal.net for reservations

Come hear the latest from Jim’s new cd ‘Sparkling Flash’ as well as some old favourites in an intimate setting.



My friend Rachel McCormack- a very talented acoustic artist from Dublin sent me this invite. Yes show a little love and kindness around to our Japanese brothers an sisters:


25 March · 18:30 – 23:00



25 Wexford Street

Dublin, Ireland

Created by:

The BaRLey MOB, Conor Byrne

More info

The Barley Mob in association with OxJam Ireland present the 1st of several fundraising gigs for the recent disaster in Japan featuring the finalists from the “TodayFm Unsigned” competition..The Barley mob, Sanzkrit, G-Miley and The Problematic…Doors 6:30…Adm:7euro…First band onstage @ 7..
Admission €7.00 for a good cause.





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