Radio Breton, Cornwall And All That Brythonics

Happy Monday folks. I guess you are all hesitant to get out of that bed and go to work eh? Me too. Work starts tonight but I had to get up to write this blog. Yes this is my life and I am happy to be connected to all of you. And perhaps you are happy once in a while when you drop by as I give you the links to the coolest sites in the Internet never been heard or seen before.

There’s this wonderful quote I read today: When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends-Japanese Proverb. What do you think? I love quotes and this one is interesting as this always hold the truth for me.


BZH a.k.a Radio Stalig is an umbrella site of all other radio stations in Brittany broadcasting in both FM and WebRadio Media. As long as you have internet connection, it plays automatically. All you need to do is go to each  station by clicking the links on the left corner. For example I am now listening to Radio Arvorig which plays a combination of Breton and Pop music in English. Don’t be surprise if you hear rap back to back with your typical Celtic music. By the way I made a screen shot of the station and edited it. Do you like it?


100 reasons why CORNISH isn’t ENGLISH

Interesting video. Check it out. The music is also amazing.


Brythonics – Guitarra armada

Brythonics show 25/02/2011 Ploemeur (Lorient) Brittany
featuring : Andy Jones – Colm O’Snodaigh – Dom DufF


Another export from Brittany: Gwennyn

You can listen and buy her 2nd album here

2 thoughts on “Radio Breton, Cornwall And All That Brythonics

  1. As always a cool way to start the week can be found here! (LIKE THE QUOTE!) I love the station! It also really seems to love that Brittany sound which I’m listening to now! Cool!


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