Celtic Thunder Media Appearances

Ok it could not be denied that Celtic Thunder is sweeping the globe by storm. Never has the big “C” been around like Superman’s signature. These guys are simply everywhere and are invading the mainstream. Well, them and Celtic Woman. This is not surprising. These guys have the looks and talent and they can all play a musical instruments. They are not just your average groups who does dancing. These are serious musicians trying to spread a kind of music that is reserved for people with impeccable musical taste-albeit elitist musical inclination. Well, it takes all kinds when something is not mainstream and one continues to devour it. At least they are out there bringing you all Irish music at its most catchy.

Damian McGinty-Vocalist

Keith Harkin-Vocalist

Ryan KellyVocalist

Paul Byrom-Vocalist

George Donaldson-Vocalist

Neil Byrne-Vocalist, Guitar, Percussion

Emmet Cahill-Vocalist

Member profiles here: http://www.celticthunder.ie//


Traditional Irish band Danu are releasing an album this May. Be sure to catch them when they come to your town. More new here: http://www.danu.net/

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