Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Been working like a rocket for the past few weeks now. But I will never ever miss this day which is like Christmas. This is the part of the year where everyone becomes Irish and everyone just love being green! I’ve seen films dedicated to this man and they all have different versions to tell. I discovered him after getting a copy of The Celts by Enya. In the liner notes it says:

The son of a Roman official, Patrick was captured by a raiding party of Celts when a boy, and spent six years in captivity.  He escaped, became a priest and returned to Ireland. According to legend it is St. Patrick who is responsible for Ireland’s conversion to Christianity and the final loss of the old Celtic beliefs.

Traditional, Irish Gaelic

Tabhair dom ghrása,
Fíormhac Dé.
Tabhair dom do neartsa,
An ghrian gheal ghlé.
Give me your love,
true Son of God.
Give me your strength,
the clear bright sun.




For a totally related event.

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