Waiting For St. Paddy .

I had an overtime today for some remote training. Instead of heading home right away( because I feel tired, sleepy and hungry), I decided to cast these feelings aside and log on here. Yes it makes me happy to be able to send a  love letter to the world by bringing out interesting bands.

In this uncertain times there are  few that you can rely on. Even best friends can fail you. Yes even the best and the brightest people can fail. The only things  worth holding on to are 1. Family members 2. Music…well the rest follows but these two made it to the top list. I believe that blood is thicker than water. I know that family is not really defined by blood ties and you can find a family in everyone but then again that’s rare. Anyway just a little bit of things I think about there…

For the news:

The Irish are Coming! Irish Music Workshops

Cape Breton people listen up. The Irish are coming! Yup that’s what it says on the headline as an interesting workshop is on the way. This is sponsored by the Cape Breton University. Don’t I just love Cape Breton? I am sure you love to so join now: http://www.cbu.ca/content/irish-are-coming-irish-music-workshopshttp://www.cbu.ca/content/irish-are-coming-irish-music-workshops


Celtic Christian Music-What A Joy:

This is big not just on St. Paddy’s day. After all there is something universal about Celtic music that can be enjoyed in all seasons and all religious practices. When something is  truly beautiful, it speaks to all. Famous names in attendance are: Iona, Moya Brennan, Eden’s Bridge( My new favorite band, though they are not really new to the music scene), The Crossing, Ric Blair Band, Jeff Johnson, Dave Bainbridge, Robin Mark, Kathryn Scott, Flatfoot 56, Troy Donockley, Deep Still, Leahys, Carol Arblaster, Skip Cleavinger, Noirin Niriann, and Daniel Nelson..



Irish music festival to benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Yes it says: Renton’s A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub and Restaurant is throwing a three-day Irish music festival in support of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this weekend, starting today (Friday).

This is a beautiful event to explore if you are in the Seattle area.


Kerry Records presents An Irish Hooley
The Emerald Isle Series

This looks explosive. Just look at these stars:

Riverdance star *Patrick Barnett*
Members of Slugger O’Toole Band
Sensational Irish harpist Keri Zwicker
Irish actor Sheelagh Cullen
Irish singer: Laura Turner
The Kerry Dance Troupe
The Kerry Trad Orchestra


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