Irish Country Music and More Celtic Radio

I am in a middle of a very busy week. I seldom have a chance to eat at work because I would be thinking what to do next. When you train more than 23 people by batch there are also things you consider while being in front( at least for me). Is my voice pleasant and is the room acoustics making a good job at it? Did I powder my bad head so hat it doesn’t show a shine from the ceiling lamps? Am I making sure I am animated enough and so on and so forth. I usually write this blogs hours or after my work. But not without a cup of warm tea.

Now for the news:

Ever heard of Irish Country Music? If you love both  American Country and Irish  Music then better go to this site: If you click the New Releases tab, you will be introduce to the latest and brightest this station can offer: Eugene O’Dornan, Jason McGilligan, Pat McKenna, Derek Ryan, Lind Welby and a lot more.


Celebrate St. David’s Day with a great set of Celtic Music

Those living in Wales are celebrating the St. Davids Day . Dance, hum along or simply lounge. Everthing is this radio station:


Pipers Unite Against White Supremacist.

Pipe players of Brittany on Sunday united against a group of US-based white supremacists who are campaigning to discredit the French region’s top piper, who happens to be a black man.. I hate this. The fact that Celtic Music is supposed to be Universal; for this to happen is outrageous. Read more here:


Congratulations to Cape Breton Fiddlers for bagging the Independent Music Awards.

If you want to check out the amazing story of two Cape Breton fiddlers : Dwayne Côté and Duane Andrews check this link:



Guest Artist Series presents Men of Worth

March 11, 2011 7:30 pm
March 11, 2011 9:30 pm
$24 for adults, $16 for students and senior citizens
Illinois Central College Performing Arts Center
Google Map
1 College Drive, East Peoria, IL, United States, 61635

From Scotland’s outer islands and Ireland’s west, the folk duo Men of Worth brings the real music of their regions with tunes and songs that were authentic to the fabric of everyday life a century ago.

10 thoughts on “Irish Country Music and More Celtic Radio

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  2. Thanks, Baxter. Hank Williams is an amazing artist. Him, Moon Mullican, Bill Monroe, Bob Wills and Jimmie Rodgers probably invented what we call country music today. I sing a lot of Hank Williams’ songs and Hank did the song I chose for a single, “I’ll sail my ship alone” (originally by Moon Mullican) live.


  3. Thanks, Baxter. I love all the old country music from America like Moon Mullican, Hank Williams and Jerry Lee Lewis and Irish artists like Crystal Swing and Linda Welby. The country, R&B, blues and rock ‘n’ roll scene in the US and its equivalent the showband and country and Irish movements in Ireland produce great and innovative music and often all these types of music are mixed in the one song. That’s what music is all about.


  4. And the transcendence of that music to the ‘New World’ is what makes it innovative. It’s like wearing a different brand of the same suit. Thanks for your ideas Patrick and I shall be following your career. Do let me know every now and then if you want something to be posted here. I would be glad to spread the news.


  5. kathy jean Dearest Ryan,You’re 100% correct and then some ..A Christmas Tree is a Christmas Tree!!! I’m sure you rbmemeer A Charlie Brown Christmas .The True Meaning of Christmas. It’s on Youtube ..I immediately thought of Charlie Brown and You when everyone was making fun of your Kalamazoo’s Christmas Tree On Stage. I truly appreciate and love all the pictures you take.You truly give so much of your Time and Energy to your fans and that’s NOT EASY. Please try and Get Your Rest now You are a very, very hard worker. God Bless You now and please try to Keep Warm too.THE CANDLE IS LIT!!Sincerely,Kathy Jean xxx


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