Dropkick Murphys And Mentionables

I like the way this blog has turned into an interactive page. We have musicians postings along with listeners. There is an influx of so much ideas and inspirations that I am grateful to be part of it all. Remember, you are the stars of this page. I am merely the moderator.

I feel so drained after talking to 32 people today,  But music has a way to take it all away. It is true that great songs are like ships that sail is into far distant places that only the mind can conceive. Celtic music is always and evocative  Celtic music has vehicle.  Unlike most of the music that usually receive the Grammys, this type of music has a Robin Hood appeal to it. But while Robin Hood is  a British Hero( and I am pro Irish or anything in the seven Celtic nations which excludes Great Britain) this page champions diversity.

So what’s the commotions?

New Album Basting The Speakers: Celtic Punk

It looks like a lot of people are talking about Dropkick Murphys latest album Going out of Style. I checked out whats the deal. It’s been four years since they released their album The Meanest of Times. Now they are back to rock the house. They even enlisted Bruce Springsteen to sing one of their songs Peg o’ My Heart.There are ballads amidst the ska induced tunes.  After all this is a band that encourages you to get up and slam rather than sit and relax…which works for me sometimes when I need an exercise. There is this nice bagpipe into in Deeds Not Words.


Cape Breton’s Best Music Mix, The Coast 89.7

Celtic and otherwise , this is a station that suits my mood today: breezy. I just feel like taking a long ride closing my eyes while the sun is filtered by the trees and everything feels new. Listening to this station takes you to the heart of Cape Breton. There are also new breaks and other informative stuff you will love to check out. You can listen to live streaming through the website: http://www.coastalradio.ca/

Bands for Celtic Weddings

For people who wants to express love through rings, this is the best guide for you. Beautiful designs if you ask me.  http://shoes-sizes.net/eternity_wedding_bands/celtic-wedding-bands-celtic-wedding-bands-probably-the-best-irish-wedding-rings-you-can-find/


Celtic Good Reads:

If you dig the culture not just for the music but for academic purposes, then check this link for Celtic Literature’s Good Reads.




Friends in Massachusetts, this is the time to get together and celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in your way. Beautiful night of piping, dancing and other instrumental playing. Plus performances by John Sullivan, champion highland dancer Morgan Pell, world medal holders Irish step dancers Tracey Manning-Dingee and Greg Murphy, and the national youth snare drum champion, Quinn McCormack, as well as harpist Anne Paus, a former member of the Cape Cod symphony. More here: http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/index.php/2011/02/28/6th-annual-celtic-music-night-to-be-held?blog=225


List of recommended Celtic Punk/Irish Rock Bands:

The Pogues
Flogging Molly
Flatfoot 56
The Tossers
Blood or Whiskey

Fiddler’s Green

The Tossers

Gaelic Storm

Add your own list 🙂


Irish Country And Blues

Country music lovers will give this a listen. Patrick Wall’s I’ll Sail My Ship Alone. I am putting my Hank Williams record back to the shelf an give this a try. Buy it here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/patrickwall


4 Replies to “Dropkick Murphys And Mentionables”

  1. My son does so love Dropkick Murphys! I will pass this on to him. Thanks for the radio station too. Our local classical station dropped Thistle and Shamrock so to have another online station. (I now have a internet radio! Yeah! I can get all kind of international stations now!)


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