Modern Inspirations and Celtique Fusions

Music expresses that which cannot be said
and on which it is impossible to be silent.
~Victor Hugo (1802 – 1885)

First of all thanks to Erin Lenderts of for mentioning this blog. I really appreciate it. Wow to be rank as on of the authority in this musical culture is an eye opener for me personally. .

Here’s the link:

Presenting Manau…

The reason why this blog exists,is due to the English language. But there are other languages that are also beautiful. To say an English expression in Gaelic, Welsh or Breton evokes different textures.  Rap or hip hop music in general is an interesting medium especially if it is used as a vehicle to highlight an ethnic style. And this is that aspect of Hip Hop that I like rather than people talking about losing their lovers on a fight or finding a lover and all those boring things.

Such is the essence of Manau’s music. Although the band is currently based in Paris, all of the members can trace their roots back to Brittany. The group’s name comes from the old Gaelic name for the Isle of Man. To rap in English is one thing but hearing it in French is such a refreshing experience. Call me biased but I think the French language has more class and music in it than English.  But that’s just me who is struggling with my Gaeilige. But yes France has Brittany which is the focus of my attention when I talk about other Celtic nations other than Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall etc. This is a huge hit from way back and true to the purpose of this blog, I am getting it from the vault. Check out the lyrics below in French and translated to English.


Martial Tricoche,

Cédric Soubiron

Gregor Gandon

Hervé Lardic

Main Site:



Le vent souffle sur les plaines de la Bretagne armoricaine,

The wind blows on the plains of the Armorican Brittany

Je jette un dernier regard sur ma femme, mon fils et mon domaine

I throw a last glance on my wife, my son, and my land

Akim, le fils du forgeron est venu me chercher,

Akim, the son of the blacksmith came to take me

les druides ont décidé de mener le combat dans la vallée

The druids decided to wage combat in the valley

Là, où tous nos ancêtres, de géants guerriers celtes,

Here where our ancestors, giant Celtic warriors

Après de grandes batailles, se sont imposés en maîtres

After great battles, became uncontested masters

C’est l’heure maintenant de défendre notre terre

It’s now time to defend our land

Contre une armée de Simeriens prête à croiser le fer

Against an army of Simerians ready to cross swords

Toute la tribu s’est réunie autour de grands menhirs

The whole tribe gathered around big menhirs

Pour invoquer les dieux afin qu’ils puissent nous bénir

To pray to the gods so that they bless us

Après cette prière avec mes frères sans faire état de zèle

After performing this prayer with my brothers without zeal

Les chefs nous ont donné à tous des gorgées d’hydromel

The chieftains gave us all gulps of hydromel

Pour le courage, pour pas qu’il y ait de faille

For courage, for us to be flawless

Pour rester grands et fiers quand nous serons dans la bataille

To remain big and proud when we move into battle

Car c’est la première fois pour moi que je pars au combat

For it is my first time to go into combat

Et j’espère être digne de la tribu de Dana

And I hope to be worthy of the tribe of Dana

* * *

Dans la vallée de Dana La lilala

In Dana’s valley La lilala

Dans la vallée j’ai pu entendre les échos

In the valley I could hear the echos

Dans la vallée de Dana La lilala

In Dana’s valley La lilala

Dans la vallée des chants de guerre près des tombeaux

In the valley, war songs near the tombs

Après quelques incantations de druides et de magie

After some invocations of druids and magic

Toute la tribu, le glaive en main courait vers l’ennemi

The whole tribe, sword in hand ran toward the enemy

La lutte était terrible et je ne voyais que les ombres

The fight was terrifying and I could only see shadows

Tranchant l’ennemi qui revenait toujours en surnombre

Slicing the enemy who nevertheless kept on coming back in excessive numbers

Mes frères tombaient l’un après l’autre devant mon regard

My brothers fell one after the other before my very eyes

Sous le poids des armes que possédaient tous ces barbares

Underneath the weapons held by all those Barbarians

Des lances, des haches et des épées dans le jardin d’Eden

Lances, axes, and swords in the Garden of Eden

Qui écoulait du sang sur l’herbe verte de la plaine

Which flew from the blood splattered on the green grass of the plain

Comme ces jours de peine où l’homme se traîne

As in those painful days when men trudged

A la limite du règne du mal et de la haine

Between the reigns of evil and hatred

Fallait-il continuer ce combat déjà perdu

Were we to go on with this fight already lost in advance

Mais telle était la fierté de toute la tribu

But such was the pride of the whole tribe

La lutte a continué comme ça jusqu’au soleil couchant

The fighting continued like this until sunset

De férocité extrême en plus d’acharnement

From extreme ferocity into more determination

Fallait défendre la terre de nos ancêtres enterrés là

We had to defend the land of our ancestors who were buried there

Et pour toutes les lois de la tribu de Dana

And for the laws of the tribe of Dana

* * *

Au bout de la vallée on entendait le son d’une corne

Across the valley one could hear the sound of a horn

D’un chef ennemi qui appelait toute sa horde

Of an enemy chieftain calling his horde

Avait-il compris qu’on lutterait même en enfer

Had he come to realize that we would fight even in hell

Et qu’à la tribu de Dana appartenaient ces terres

And that those lands belonged to tribe of Dana

Les guerriers repartaient

The warriors went back

Je ne comprenais pas tout le chemin qu’ils avaient fait pour en arriver là

I couldn’t understand the whole path they took to get here

Quand mon regard se posa tout autour de moi

When I looked around me

J’étais le seul debout de la tribu voilà pourquoi

I was the only standing tribesman, that is why

Mes doigts se sont écartés tout en lâchant mes armes

I opened up my fingers, letting go of my weapons

Et le long de mes joues se sont mises à couler des larmes

Tears rolling down my cheeks

Je n’ai jamais compris pourquoi les dieux m’ont épargné

I never came to understand why the gods spared me

De ce jour noir de notre histoire que j’ai contée

From that black day of our history which I told

Le vent souffle toujours sur la Bretagne armoricaine

The wind still blows on the Armorican Brittany

Et j’ai rejoins ma femme, mon fils et mon domaine

And I go retrieve my wife, my son, and my domain

J’ai tout reconstruit de mes mains pour en arriver là

I rebuilt everything with my own hands in order to get here

Je suis devenu roi de la tribu de Dana

I’ve become the King of the tribe of Dana


Brenda Wootoon rediscovered

This Cornish  world class artist  might no longer be of this world physically but her spirit remains . All these after someone  stumbled into her old reordings. Yes her flawless voice still captivates us . More of this discovery here:


In Lorient please check this out guys 🙂

16 April at 10:00 – 17 April at 10:00

Created by:

More info

That’s like two months later but it’s good to be ahead.


New Ashley MacIsaac Recording Soon!

Ashley MacIsaac will release a new recording called Crossover with Mary Jane Lamond on May 11,2011. Christi was way ahead of me in this news. Thanks.


More on Cape Breton artists, it makes you ask who is Rachel Davis?

One track Dan Hughie and Buddy Jigs: Listen to this and you will understand why this young talent has been one of the Nominees for performer of the Year for the prestigious Canadian Folk Awards. Her self-titled debut CD  is available now. Thanks to Jimmy for posting this info in his facebook.

Listen to her on Soundcloud:


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