Already and Upcoming!

I have a bunch of news for you guys. Remember when I actually mentioned  a Christian Celtic band Eden’s Bridge last time? We had no input as to what’s up with them. I was surprised when I stumbled upon their site and learned that they released a Christmas EP last year. I Know it’s a little bit late for that but not for the music. There is something magical about this release which can withstand seasons. I think this is the kind of EP you’d listen to when you want inner peace.  Check out The Winter Sings on this link and listen to the songs.


Our friends Phil Holland and Dave Palmley sent me a special gift in a form of a song .I want you to experience the kind of profound feeling I got when I heard this track. Adventurous- bordering on the Baroque with traces of Clannad and the duo’s personal styles; Steal Our Soul Away is a preview to what is going to be a future album.  Beautiful song, fantastic talents! We love you Phil and Dave.


Visual artist and musician Sharron McCulley has carved up a musical project with Jan Harris called Red Sonnet. The songs are wrapped up in keyboard sound scape that begs for more cinematic moments and water color tears. Christian , New Age, Folk- whatever you want to call them but the fact remains. The music of Red Sonnet is a perfect soundtrack to a tired night when you want to feel a little bit dramatic but enlightened. They’ve just finished recording their new album  Across The Bridge. They will be performing soon so watch out.

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