Here Lies Your Passion

Passion is what keeps us alive. It is the driving force that not only serves artists but also everyone who has  what we call humanity. I think where ever you are or whatever status you may have in life, passion is something that you can always seek shelter to. It is what keeps you young and ambitious.

I know that I am passionate about any type of music. That is why I will always have something to write about and I will have someone to talk to about music almost every day. I like to read what other people write about music they like. I also love reading about thoughts of musicians and what they are going through or how they’re inspired to write a wonderful song.

I think all of us have an artist inside. As children we don’t really know yet about our true calling that is why we tend to mimic anything . But as we  grow older and once our habits and preferences are set, we become discriminating. We develop certain tastes-whiter it’ musical, visual or culinary.

I like the idea that we add layers to our personalities as we grow older. And also our tastes evolve with time. And in the midst of all these are the artists who inspire us to discover what we are called upon to do- the purpose of our existence.

Let me introduce to what’s new….

Traditional music as well as original songs and tunes from this dynamic young 5-piece led by singer Paul McKenna.

Their exciting sound is created through outstanding vocals, driving guitar and bouzouki, intense fiddle playing, a warm pairing of flute and whistles, and dynamic bodhrán and percussion. Their first album (self-titled) won them Best Up And Coming Artist Of The Year at the Scots Trad Music Awards in 2009, and received critical acclaim.


Copyright - Archie Macfarlane 2008
Copyright - Archie Macfarlane 2008


If you don’t know how exciting Glasgow based band Deoch n Dorus are, then don’t miss on the train. They are young, vibrant and passionate about the kind of music they play. This s a good addition t those who love Scottish music.


Lovers of the music of Early America, Ireland and Scotland should know Connie Dover. I really think her albums are awesome and there’s never been a moment that’s not magical. Her clear , pure and magical voice delivers that Celtic American sentiment found in no other artist.


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