2011 Trad Fest and So Much More…

It is nice to sit down with someone and talk about creativity. After all, we are creative beings. We like to build things and see where or what happens next. It is the idea that creation is part of our every cell is such a fascinating thought!

My fascination with traditional materials arose from Archeological fascination. Join it with the love for sounds and creativity..then it becomes a marriage that has stayed for almost two decades-though it is safe to say that I am not married to someone(and I don’t intend to be).

It’s always an honor to be able to get responses musicians and have their thoughts compiled so that others will be inspired. We affect the universe in our actions. And a little goes a long long way.

And so for the news….

Clannad @ Leo's Tavern

Clannad @ Leo's Tavern

Clannad as mentioned earlier are making n amazing comeback. Al the members are excited to come up with new materials and their performances are sold out. Well it’s been more than a decade and I think it is only right that we hear them again and bask in their magical glory . See complete story here: http://www.clannad.nl/2011/01/clannad-in-late-late-show.html


Seth Lakeman

Seth Lakeman

1500 artists, 300 events, 18 days, 14 venues!From January 14-31, Celtic Connections will feature artists with the intensity of torrential rains. There is no stopping the passion as it hits the stage. Secure your seats now. Featured artists are : Seth Lakeman, Shifting Sands, A Night of Celtronika and a lot more…



Fans of The Waterboys will be delighted to see Mike Scott’s An Audience With Mr Yeats. This one took twenty years in the making.

Sunday 30th January 2011, 7.30pm

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall : Main Auditorium


If you are going to Count Clare, don’t miss out TradFest 2011 which will take off in February. Ronan O’Snodaigh(Kila), Ciorras, Martin Hayes and many others http://www.ucctradsoc.com/#/tradfest-2011/4547251256

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